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The Red Hand + friends

This grant's you to unavailable content

Want "The Red Hand"?

Simply go buy the thing...

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This mod does as it says on the tin

I've placed 27 unique items in inventory

To get to the vendor you have to travel to / be on Port Maje then leave on foot and to see Eofania in Sātahuzi

She's located on the RHS by the huts low down on the screen between 8-12 and 14-21

This is always going to be a mod in a state of beta as people will want to add to the list and others will want to detract from it.

The supplied mod is simply a starting point. I am open and willing to add / remove any items included in this mod - just PM me and if your req is valid, byeee

It should be noted that if you obtain an item then I change things you'll still retain that item

The current (flawed list) looks like this

Acina's TricornArkemyr's Grimoire
Blackened Plate Armor
Blackened Plate Helm
Cauldron Shard
Defiant Apparel
Deltro's Cage
Devil of Caroc Breastplate
Fenan's Finery
Gipon Prudensco
Iron-Clasped Grimoire
Kana's Hat
Nomad's Brigandine
Onepahua's Strength
Saint's War Armor
Salve of Dissolution
Sharpshooter's Garb
The Iroccian Calendar (Rare)
The Maker's Own Power
The Red Hand
Violet Redemption
Wahaki Tua

I welcome any input that refines this list

I know there are some mistakes in there (I've actually got 1,035 that I can classify)

To install unzip pdx-unique-items.zip in your Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\override directory

If you haven't got an override directory in PillarsOfEternityII_Data 
create it and unzip pdx-unique-items.zip in your freshly created override