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Cloak of Berath mod, adds a lore-friendly enchantment to the cloak.

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Basic mod adding a Berath themed enchantment to the "Cloak of Berath" item. Just because I got frustrated having to sacrifice stats for roleplay when playing my Priest of Berath.
Note it won't stack with a similar enchantment.
The mod isn't retroactive; if you load a savegame in which you already own the cloak, that specific item won't be changed. (use the optional file to easily acquire the modded one)

The main file includes only the modded cloak, you'll have to acquire the cloak on your own; new game, loot, console, whatever. 
The optional file declares the modded cloak as a new reward, meaning you will receive a new cloak once the mod is installed - even if you had one already. That new cloak will be the modded one.

Simply unzip to \PillarsOfEternityII_Data\override\design\gamedata

Console code
Should you wish to use the console to get the modded cloak: GiveItem Back_U_Cloak_of_Berath