Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
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Replaces a few of the player voices with their old POE1 counterparts.

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Replaces a few of the new Deadfire voices with their old counterparts from POE1. At last, your Watcher can have their old voice back!

Note that the POE1 voices lack the new voice lines that came with Deadfire. Your character will still be pretty talkative on their own, but they won't comment on, for example, any rare equipment that you get.


1. Download the mod.

2. Navigate to "Pillars of Eternity II\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\StreamingAssets\Audio\Windows\Voices\English(US)". (May be slightly different for some users)

3. Find the folder with the name that corresponds with the voice pack you want to install. The name goes by the format 'player_[voicetype]_[gender]'. For example, if you want to install the 'Male Noble' voice pack, search for player_noble_m.

4. Delete EVERYTHING in the folder. This will ensure that you don't have a mishmash of the old and new voices after installing my mod, as these voice packs cannot replace every single line.

5. Unzip the POE1 voice pack that you want into the now-empty folder.

6. Start up the game and enjoy.

To be done in the future when I'm not so lazy:
- Female Mystic
- Female Feisty
- Female Kind