Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
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The haunted galleon Fonferrus is not worth using in its vanilla state. This mod buffs the ship to be worthwhile.

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I was excited to finally get my hands on Fonferrus, the haunted galleon, but that excitement turned to bitter disappointment. The base ship isn't terrible, but the fact that you can't replace anything but the cannons and flag make it worthless outside of the cool factor.

This mod aims to change that by buffing the ship.

Update Notes:
Travel Speed
It was mentioned that the travel speed should be boosted due to the inability to swap hulls, etc. I was originally worried as the TravelSpeed variable was set to 0 for all ships, but after testing determined that the 0 is a base percentage boost on top of the standard speed of 50 for ships.

I restored maneuvers to their original count so the ship is better balanced than my original upload.

Bestest Ghost Galleon
I've uploaded a version of the mod that retains my original maneuver changes of one turn per maneuver, for those who feel it is more enjoyable.

This boosts the Fonferrus haunted galleon to the following stats:

Sail Health: 100
I mean, they're shredded sails already. So obviously it uses some other power for mobility. I just can't see my crew going "Oh no, they've put another hole in our sails. The previous 100 rips and tatters didn't affect us, but now we are suddenly slower."

Hull Health: 200
This is allegedly the ship that's been terrorizing the Deadfire for decades. If its hull was that weak, then ships would have torn it to pieces and let the dead try their hand at swimming.

Combat Speed: 80 m/round
This ship was able to surprise other vessels at sea with a sudden fog. Sure, I imagine there were otherworldly powers at work here, but still - The ship has ripped cloth for sails. So there must be another method of propulsion.

Medicine, ammunition, and repair storage: 200
I don't think I've ever had trouble keeping supplies of these items, but once I obtained this ship I was at a high enough level that I began exploring the Deadfire in earnest. So increased supplies guarantees I can spend more time exploring, and less time resupplying.

Travel Speed: +30%
The base travel speed of the core ships, including the Fonferrus, is 50. The TravelSpeed stat is actually a percentage increase on top of the base speed.

Looking at the upgrades available to other ships, I've modified the Fonferrus to have stats equivilant to the following:

Ymyran Steel Anchor: +5% travel speed
Arcane Lanterns: +10% travel speed
Blackwood Hull: +5% travel speed
Dragonwing Sails: +10% travel speed

Reserve Crew Slots: 5
This seems to be one of the other items lacking on the ship that make it less viable for longer term travel - The inability to allow crew to rest was frustrating.

What this mod does NOT do:
This mod does not unlock the locked slots on the ship (Apart from the reserve crew), instead opting to boost the base stats. So there is still a decision to be made here - If you want more versatility, you'll want to look at the other available ships. The Fonferrus is what it is, it's simply going to be more viable now.

Extract the folder to Pillars of Eternity II\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\Override. You may need to create the Override folder first.

This mod can be applied at any time. I tested it with my current playthrough - However, your ship will remain at its current health and you'll have to repair to reach the new health limits.

Simply remove the folder from the Override folder.

Note that I have not tested removal to see what happens if the ship's health is above the vanilla level. So I would recommend making a backup save before removing this, in case it causes problems.

If you wish to customize the values of this mod, simply open the file Better Ghost Galleon\ships.gamedatabundle in your favorite text editor. It is in C# syntax so if you use Notepad++ or an equivilant you can make things easier to read.

Here are the relevant line numbers and examples:

Maneuver Durations - Starting at line 51

"Action": "SailFull",
"IsAvailable": "true",
"Duration": 1

You'll see each action has a Duration, simply set the number to how many turns you wish it to take. I have not tested this with 0 turns and do not know how the game would react.

Supply Limits - Starting at line 163

"SupplyLimits": [{
"Type": "Ammunition",
"Count": 200
}, {
"Type": "Medicine",
"Count": 200
}, {
"Type": "Repair",
"Count": 200

This is fairly self-explanatory, change the count for the corresponding supply limit to set your maximum.

Ship Stats - Starting at line 147

"BaseStats": [{
"ShipAttributeType": "CombatSpeed",
"StatValue": 80

For each type, simply set the StatValue variable. TravelSpeed is a percentage bonus on top of the base speed of 50. The others are normal values.