• 20

    6 Voci Custom - Compagnia Italiana - Italian Party Members
    6 Voci Custom - Compag...
    by Castlereagh
  • 6

    Voce in Italiano di Ladro o Druido - Italian Rogue or Druid Voice
    Voce in Italiano di La...
    by Castlereagh
  • 203

    Russian Extended Localization
    Russian Extended Local...
    by EVO_83
  • 55

    Russian Localization Fixes from ss7877
    Russian Localization F...
    by ss7877
  • 266

    Brutal Takedown_Superior Deflect_Animal Companion Heal for V3.06
    Brutal Takedown_Superi...
    by hadoumastery
  • 142

    Arcane Veil Modal for v3.06
    Arcane Veil Modal for ...
    by hadoumastery
  • 141

    Arcane Assault And Thorny Roots for V3.06
    Arcane Assault And Tho...
    by hadoumastery
  • 190

    Animal Companion Stats for V3.06
    Animal Companion Stats...
    by hadoumastery
  • 41

    by RedSkotina
  • 934

    Max Level Cap Increased to 40 for PoE 3.05.1181
    Max Level Cap Increase...
    by computica
  • 1,198

    Firearm Rebalancing
    Firearm Rebalancing
    by Elsograd
  • 743

    Pistol and Blunderbuss Overhaul for Patch v3.05
    Pistol and Blunderbuss...
    by mykiwi
  • 207

    High Quality Custom Player Voice - Chaotic Neutral - ShaunzyBombzy
    High Quality Custom Pl...
    by Morgancross91
  • 293

    High Quality Custom Player Voiceset -1- Dark Mage
    High Quality Custom Pl...
    by Morgancross91
  • 1,054

    True Druid - Unlimited Spiritshift (Combat or Modal) 3.05
    True Druid - Unlimited...
    by ButtPirateRoberts
  • 358

    Ranger improvements
    Ranger improvements
    by Wayfinder
  • 271

    Weapon enchantment effects removed
    Weapon enchantment eff...
    by moljka
  • 638

    Light Armors to Clothes
    Light Armors to Clothe...
    by AndreeaA
  • 35

    Pillars of Eternity Language Filter
    Pillars of Eternity La...
    by CedarredaC
  • 1,505

    Some Female Portraits
    Some Female Portraits
    by ryeguy88
  • 225

    A Few New Portraits for PoE
    A Few New Portraits fo...
    by brakhole
  • 1,088

    Bunch of HQ portraits
    Bunch of HQ portraits
    by trebusze
  • 294

    Increased combat action speed
    Increased combat actio...
    by moljka
  • 705

    Alternative Portraits for Companions
    Alternative Portraits ...
    by trebusze
  • 532

    Pillars of Eternity Full Map
    Pillars of Eternity Fu...
    by trebusze
  • 6,548

    Level Cap Increaser AND Killing EXP Multified
    Level Cap Increaser AN...
    by Lejardo
  • 153

    A Better Brilliant Radiance
    A Better Brilliant Rad...
    by NATO_duck
  • 159

    Pillars Celebrity Portrait Pack
    Pillars Celebrity Port...
    by scorpiovaeden
  • 19

    by gusdaufr
  • 284

    by pacman7654
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