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This is an overhaul to the paladin class to bring it more in line with other melee classes. Compatible with version 2.0.1

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I have always loved playing paladins in games. When i started playing Pillars of Eternity i imagined my paladin charging into battle and holding back the forces of evil while my party laid waste to them from afar. Not far into my game i quickly realized that compared to the fighter i was mediocre at best. I found that i lacked the engagement to hold the enemy lines, the damage i did was sub par compared to most other classes, and to top it off i basically had 1 damage ability that with only 2 uses per encounter left me auto attacking for the vast majority of big fights.

Searching through the internet hoping i was missing something and that my beloved paladin would shine with the key piece of missing information, i found others had the same exact experience. I was crest fallen. I restarted my game and left my paladin behind. With the White March coming out I decided to give my paladin another try. Unfortunately not much had changed so i decided to take matters into my own hands.

I present to you Omega's Paladin OverHaul [WIP]

The goal of this mod is to bring paladins up in power to make them more viable without making the overpowered. This mod is a work in progress and because I play my paladin as a tank the first set of modifications focus around that role.

Faith and Conviction - This ability now adds 1 engagement slot in addition to its normal functionality.
Flames of Devotion - Update to 5 times per encounter.
Zealous Endurance - Now adds the effect 10% damage converted to health to those receiving the aura.
Deep Faith - Adds an additional engagement slot to faith and conviction in addition to its normal functionality.
Intense Flames - now adds a small DoT effect to Flames of Devotion in addition to its normal functionality.

Faith and Conviction - Paladins suffer form a lack of engagement slots. Compared to a fighter who can quickly get up to 3 engagement slots with useful abilities. Paladins only option was to take the Hold the line and then unless they used equipment with the bonus stayed at 2 engagement slots. I felt adding in a bonus engagement slot to faith and conviction (which all paladins start with) was a good way to help balance this giving the paladin 2 engagement slots early in the game. I found several mods that put engagement on Auras but i found that gives the engagement slots to the whole party and i did not want that.

Flames of Devotion - As the main damage ability paladins rely on i found that in large fights i quickly exhausted the ability and besides throwing th occasional lay on hands just watched my paladin auto attack while i directed the other members of my party. I was ok with this feeling like my paladin was a great leader and was holding off the forces while he yelled out commands to the rest of the party. As the game went on and the fights got bigger i felt 2 bonus hits for 50% extra fire damage each was pretty mediocre. I thought about buffing the abilities effect to make it more impact full but for now i have just increased the uses to 5 per encounter. I may revisit this depending on how my current play through goes.

Zealous Endurance - I felt the Paladin lacked the holy warrior feel. While they do have lay on hands in the early game i felt they needed a boost to help make them feel like they received holy gifts from their deity. I also felt paladins were still at a disadvantage to fighters who can get a substantial innate regen. My solution was to add a small amount of healing capability to Zealous Endurance. As the "tanky" aura i felt this fit right in giving the paladin some regen and also instilling that to the party member close by. I started with a higher percentage when making this and found it to powerful i then dropped it to 5% and found it was to weak and would heal for 0 the majority of the time on party members. I settled on 10% as it is not substantial enough to keep your whole party healed in a fight but does have a small impact.

The Deep Faith - This is a talent the upgrades for Faith and Conviction. I wanted to be able to get to the 3 engagement slots that fighters get early. Since i added the first to faith and Conviction i felt adding the second to a talent that upgrades it perfect. 

Intense Flames - I felt this talent was rather weak. adding 25% additional burning to Flames of Devotion even at 5 times an encounter felt to me like it had a minimal effect. Since i felt Paladins were already low in the damage department i decided this would be a good place to upgrade the damage of Flames of Devotion a little so i added a small DoT to the effect of this. It is pretty minimal but i liked the idea so i keep it.

Future Plans:
Tweak the 5 changes i have already made based on how they scale and how powerful the paladin feels when playing.
Add additional tweaks to other abilities to help Paladins who are playing non tank roles

Extract the contents of this file to your game directory's objectbundle directory.
For steam this is typically C:\Program files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\assetbundles\prefabs\objectbundle\

I appreciate any feedback you may have. If you have ideas you would like to see please feel free to comment.