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A framework for modifying the .NET parts of the game.

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The framework comes in the form of source code, which you can get at the repository :
This is a framework for modifying the game's .NET DLL files. It lets you replace your code with the existing code in a pretty straight-forward and transparent manner - you just write your code, add a few attributes, and run the program. You can also add new code. The framework is based on the IEMod's modding framework, but is better in many ways.

Note that the framework itself is generic, and can be used to modify any .NET software, but I wrote it for modding PoE in particular.

Once it becomes mature/stable enough, I could compile it to an executable, but for now you'd want the code to be visible for debugging and reference purposes. 

You can use this to modify many things, such as how attacks are resolved, how leveling works, as well as the user interface. The repository also contains a forked and ported version of IEMod, demonstrating what can be done with it, and that it works correctly. It's also a great example of how to mod the game in this way.

I'm not sure if the people behind IEMod want to use my framework and ported version of their mod, as I haven't been able to contact them (the license used allows modification, provided I keep the sources open, so I don't need to ask permission for this).

I'd welcome any comments, suggestions, and discussion. You can also post in the Issues section of the repository. I'd also love some help in development, since there are a lot more that could be done.