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This pack adds a variation on different vanilla portraits for Pillars.

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EDIT: Added several more variants, a total of 12 at this point. If there are any requests let me know. Also if colors seem odd (ie: green skin or something) please let me know as I am color blind, and errors do happen occasionally.

I am considering doing a set of Portraits that are variants of the vanilla portraits that come with Pillars.

I have currently only done 2 and am wondering if this is something that people are interested in. They will mainly be re-colors of the current portraits, such as different color clothing/hair/eyes.

If people want to see more of these please post in my forum and let me know. Also feel free to let me know if there are any variations that you would like to see.

Right now 2 are done, that I plan to use in my game. So please let me know if this is worth my while to do more of. I can also do variations on the party member portraits as well.


Place in the male or female folder for your player portraits.

Pillars of Eternity/PillarsOfEternity_Data/Data/art/gui/portraits/player      ...then place in either male or female.

This will ADD the additional portraits to your folders, they do not overrite.

If you do have additional portraits, that may have a conflicting name, just rename the files.

Special Thanks:

Thank you to Obsidian for an amazing game, and to their talented artist for his/her beautiful work.