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Complete Rebalance of Firearms to make them usefull and strong enough for Path of the Damned

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Fixed version for 1.05.0567 available

Sry for the long wait, im a bit busy atm and im not playing PoE anymore. So this time a bit quick and dirty

as always: plz post bugs in the forum section here


Hey Guys,

i think the whole weapons need a rebalance. But most i was really disappointed in the firearms. Compared to melee they suck, cause of their long reload time (also Arbalest and Crossbow) and compared to magic they seem to be nearly useless cause they are just single target. In Path of the Damned there is no possible useful spec for firearms when u have to face 22DT enemys.

So i totally rebalance their values to make them real hard hitters without making them overpowered. Their DPS is still close behind the melees ( dual wielding )

New Version(v1.1):

After a longer test run, i came to the conclusion that the firearms are superior in nearly any situation and the highest difficulty isnt really a challenge anymore. Around 10 DT is more common than 22 DT and most time i did always the same moves. That made Path of the Damned not as fun and challenging as it should be. The natural DR and the high avg. dmg made the firearms to strong with increased quality level. So i decided to totally rebalance the firearms again!!!

Changes in new version:

- Removed the accuracy penalty of All firearms

- All firearms have now full crit damage (no more -0,3)

- All firearms lost 1DR 2DR (now 2DR for Blunder, 4DR for Pistol and Arquebus)

- pistols decreased dmg around 5% (22-28 now, 22-30 vanilla), increased range to 10m(8m vanilla), possible dual wielding

- blunderbuss decreased dmg around 33% (4-6 now, 6-9 vanilla), decreased range to 6m(8m vanilla), increased bullets p. shot 9 (6 vanilla), possible dual wielding

(Blunders really needed a balance cause i never needed to change the weapon in old version, every situation superior (with certain buffs) )

- arquebus increased dmg around 30% (36-42 now, 24-36 vanilla), increased range to 15m (10m vanilla), +5 accuracy
Old Version (not supported):

- Pistol and Blunderbuss are now one handed and u can use one in every hand. But u will still need to reload them after shot, so ur primary advantage is a free shot before u have to reload the first time. U will fire faster between the shots but all in the cost of accuracy.

- Removed the accuracy penalty of the firearms cause a bow is not much more accurate then a firearm in trained hands and i dont think its really necessary

- Reduced the total reload time to minimum, so he reloads after the shot and not 3 seconds later removed to make reload skills more usefull

- Increased the range of Arquebus to 15 ( before 10 ) and the damage around 55% so u can play it best as a sniper

- Increased the range of Pistols to 10 ( before 8 ) and the damage  by 40%

- Increased the bullets fired per shot of Blunderbuss to 9 ( before 6 ) but decreased the damage around 15% so its very devastating against light armored targets but still less (or not) effective against well armored, also reduced range to 6m
Known issues/ bugs:

- little bit strange 2nd shot animation when dual wielding Pistols and Blunderbuss


just unpack and copy the content of the folder in ...Gamefolder/PillarsOfEternity_Date/assetbundles/prefabs/objectbundle

Remember to save ur old files, before u overwrite them!

Recommend to use IEMOD u can find here on Nexus, but not nessecary

At the end: sry for my bad english!

Feedback is welcome, try toanswer when i have time for it