Pillars of Eternity
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Black & white frames with black & gold buttons.

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To use custom button texture:

1.Copy your prefered texture from the IE mod 'buttons' folder.
(e.g iemod > buttons > Stone Shelf > "ActionBarAlternate.png")

2.Paste it in the 'buttons' folder, overwrite if prompted.

3.You can now use it in the game. You can only view one texture at a time in the game though.

To use custom frames if your resolution isn't provided:

1.Go to the 'frames' folder in IE Mod.

2.Change each image's resolution in an editing software; Photoshop or GIMP, to your monitor's resolution. Save it in PNG.
Or to save time, just edit the image you want to use.

3. Edit the text files that has the same name as the original image you edited (not the one you just edited) and save as the file with your resolution.
(e.g karkarovA-1920x1080.txt save as karkarovA-1366x768.txt). To be honest, I just put all three line with a 0. Still looks good ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

PS: I won't be updating this mod everytime IE Mod updates. Always check the newest version of IE Mod instead.

Requires IE Mod