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This is a small fix for the portrait of Pallegina. In the original portrait, her left eye is too low. Once you see it, you cannot unsee it

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In short

This is a small fix for Pallegina's portrait. I've just redrawn her left eye to match the perspective in her portrait. So basically this is just an alternative fixed portrait that I am using in my personal playthrough and I just thought it could be nice to share it with others.

Do you want to know more?

In the original portrait, Pallegina's left eye is too low. Even assuming a strong foreshortening, perspective-wise, Pallegina's left eye should be way up to match her right eye position. You can clearly see this if you follow Pallegina's eyebrow lines and then make a parallel from her right eyelid to where her left eyelid is supposed to be. You will notice that her left eyelid is way lower than it should be in the original. This mod fixes that.


Included are the two files (portrait_pallegina_lg.png and portrait_pallegina_sm.png ) you need to change her portrait in the game. Just drag and drop them both to your PillarsOfEternity_Data\ data\art\gui\portraits\companions and overwrite when asked.

Don't forget to backup the original portraits just in case you don't like the changes!

Here is a guide courtesy of Stew The RPGer. Go to 3:25 and follow the instructions :)

Thank you

That's all. I hope you enjoy the changes.

Huge kudos to the Obsidian artists that made all the awesome portraits in Pillars of Eternity. They totally rock! :) 


Original Pallegina portrait by Obsidian Entertainment

Alternative fixed version by me.