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Ever wished the game let you explore the Watcher's relationship with Thaos in more depth, as it was with Iovara? With this mod, now you can!

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Welcome to Thaos mod! Here’s a few words about the contents, and an installation guide.


The mod has two paths: friendship and romance. The mod is available in English only; the romance path is only available to ladies*. Friendship path is open for all Watchers. Also the romance path is very specific - even more so than the Watcher's memories as such - so please bear in mind that the only real choice you will have is how to end that story. There is an implied love scene along the way, but it's very sfw.
(*When playing a male Watcher, you will see some empty dialogue lines - the text is hidden, but thanks to my virtually nonexistent code fu those still work like actual responses, soplease ignore them.)

Additional dialogue options are usually the lowest ones in the dialogue tree. To make sure you see all content, just always scroll down to the end of the dialogue; there’s at least one wall of text you might miss otherwise. Sorry for the inconvenience, but this is my first modding adventure, and I’d rather not risk totally messing the scene up. You know what they say, finished and working over perfect ;)

You might want to be on the lookout for some Engwithan artifacts in Defiance Bay, as those add some new content, too.
There is one resolve check in a dialogue – it doesn’t do anything, it’s just flavor text – but if you want that extra bit, make sure your resolve is 18 or higher.

EDIT: a few words on the creation of this mod; I’ve never thought it would be necessary, because it never has been in any other fan creative context, but seems it might be. This was made as a personal project, adding the content which is based on my own Watcher’s story and my very specific headcanons; more like an interactive fanfic and trying to figure out how modding works and what’s possible/impossible to do than anything else. Its presence here on nexus is kind of a side effect, as making a regular mod for a big audience was never my goal; I just thought that maybe more people might enjoy it, so why not post it since it was already done. But it was written as a fanfic and please think of it as such, as that is different from writing for a mod with a wider audience in mind. Honestly, I’ve never expected more than a few people would download it.

Currently (and by that I mean perhaps not forever, but for the foreseeable future) the mod is no longer under development. I barely managed to finish it at all, and wrapped it up the moment it reached playable stage. Modding is very time-consuming for me; I have no experience, so figuring out the basics to make this mod took me almost six months, and I no longer have time or energy for that kind of commitment. I might change or add a dialogue line here and there if I stumble upon something while playing, but that’s the extent of fixes this mod’s gonna get.
You’re welcome to experiment with the mod if you want, though, and – if time allows – I can help with that, to my limited capabilities and whatever I’ve learnt by trial and error. Or you can use it as an exercise and/or a base for making your own mod, writing the story you would like to see (editing the text files is pretty easy; it’s figuring out how to add new dialogue options that takes time). For personal use, just grab the mod and edit the files to your heart’s content; if you want to publish the edited version, please credit me and link back to this mod.


First, do a backup of your game files! The mod is working, but any mod can mess up with your game files, so let’s be on the safe side. Simply copy them into a different folder - somewhere outside of the game folder. You need to copy "conversations" folder and "localized" folder - or just "en" from the latter.
This was tested on a PoE version including both parts of the White March and the free Deadfire Pack. Which shouldn't matter for this mod, but mentioning it just in case. Also, for now, the mod only works with the English version of the game.

One warning: this could potentially mess up the final game save. So you might not want to import the save from the modded game into Deadfire; better set the story manually.
Also, once installed, the mod will apply to conversations even in the saved games, so if you don’t want that, just avoid loading other saves while playing the mod.

Now, the mod has 3 parts: conversations folder, en-text folder and items.strintable file. To install, find you game folder. Simply copy the mod files into the following folders, and overwrite existing files:

- put the content of conversations (02_defiance_bay_first_fires to 14_burial_isle) into this folder:
Pillars of Eternity > PillarsOfEternity_Data > data > conversations
- put the contents of en-text>conversations (02_defiance_bay_first_fires to 14_burial_isle, plus endgameslides.strintable) into this folder:
Pillars of Eternity > PillarsOfEternity_Data > data > localized > en > text> conversations
- put items.strintable into this folder:
Pillars of Eternity > PillarsOfEternity_Data > data > en> text > game
That’s all; the mod is now installed. It starts at Cilant Lîs, so you should be able to tell whether it’s working pretty fast. 
Have fun! :)


To uninstall, simply overwrite the modded files with the original ones from your backup copy.


Many thanks to Ranna for proofreading the mod! (Any remaining mistakes are my own.)