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Modified all guns and crossbows. Compatible with v3.7.0.1318.

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Guns and crossbows in PoE feel good to use at first, but they quickly get out scaled late game by traditional bows in the pure damage department Here is a weapons update I've been working on aimed (heh) to increase the power of guns and crossbows to be more competitive with war bows and hunting bows. I also changed up a few other things with them in the name of flavor :)


Range down to 6m
Projectiles up to 7
Accuracy penalty removed

Ranged nerfed for flavor, because a blunderbuss shouldn't be effective at longer distances.

DR reduced to 5
Accuracy penalty removed
All pistols are now a primary weapon, meaning you can equip a melee weapon or shield in the off-hand slot.

These next two pistols were unique only by name and model, now have unique characteristics!

Sitra Achara
Now fires 2 projectiles simultaneously, at 18-26 base damage. Note, description in game does not reflect 2 projectile change.

The Maverick
Now shoots twice before reloading, similar to Twin Sting crossbow. Note, description in game does not reflect this change.

Range up to 14m
Damage up to 32-40 base
Accuracy changed from -5 to +5

Maybe the +5 accuracy is overboard but there aren't any really OP arquebus in the game to give to your heavy back line hitters. The best arquebus in the game is a ranged support weapon at best.

Damage up to 28-32
Reload speed buffed to 4s, down from 5s

Crossbows don't do anything fancy in this game, don't have high damage output, and the reload time was too slow to justify using in all situations.

Damage up to 35-38

I wanted arbalests to retain the -.25% crit dmg modifier but I gave them quite high minimum damage to compensate. This gives the arbalest a very predictable damage profile for your more supportive ranged party members, which i find to be quite refreshing.

Unzip the folder, copy and paste the files into this file:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\assetbundles\prefabs\objectbundle

As usual with any mods, make sure you save a backup copy of your objectbundle file in case anything happens or you need to revert the mod.