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Update to Rogue class abilities.


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Hey all! I've been playing around with the rogue abilities a little so I thought I would share them here. I hope you enjoy!

This mod is compatible with v3.7.0.1318 of Pillars Of Eternity, does not require expansions. Tested and balanced for PotD difficulty.

If you haven't done a ton of theory crafting in this game, you might be surprised to hear that the rogue is actually one of the worst melee OR ranged dps in the game, and they don't bring much else to the table often turning a rogue into more of a liability for your party. Other classes absolutely CAN have higher damage output than rogues when built correctly, such as shape-shift druids. These changes aim to put Rogues back on top but not in a 'broken' kind of way, but more of a thematically appropriate way. Take a look at the changes for yourself and see what you think! By all means, if you think some of the abilities are too strong, feel free to cherry pick whatever you want, you don't have to install all of the changes.

Shadowing Beyond
2/encounter, duration reduced to 5s from 10s
This first change was an interesting one. I felt like this ability was core to rogue game play, but per rest felt too restrictive so I made it per encounter and reduced the duration by half to balance out the 2 charges. Having only 5 seconds also forces you to make a smart move with the rogue during the invisibility.

Deep Wounds
+1 every 2 levels after 5
I added some scaling damage to deep wounds. This is a great pickup early game, but falls off quite hard after a few levels. This buff only helps keep it relevant throughout the game, and is an especially good pick for an off-tank riposte rogue. At level 18, it does 8 damage (up from 3) at base 10 might.

Crippling Strike
Hobbled duration increased to 20 sec
As one of the rogues level 1 abilities, the Hobbled affliction isn't very powerful so this skill was often overlooked. With an increased duration, it can help kite or keep sneak attack up longer now.

Finishing Blow
1/encounter, +20 accuracy
Added the accuracy to make it more reliable now that it has only 1 use per encounter. This is one ability you do NOT want to miss.

Fearsome Strike

Reckless Assault
Removed -8 deflection penalty
I guess removing the deflection penalty makes this ability not so Reckless, but as the rogues only modal, it didn't make sense to have such a harsh drawback attached to it because the rogue is already so squishy and very prone to death if an enemy even looks sideways at you. This is probably the most controversial change I have on the list, but I personally just didn't like the deflection penalty.

Deflecting Assault
+10 deflection
Once again, rogues are super fragile so this helps shore up some of those defenses for those melee rogues who might get mixed up with a paladin occasionally and need to be able to fend off some blows.

50% chance on miss, 20% on graze
I felt it was more fitting to have a high chance to proc Riposte on a miss, because in real life sword fighting, missing with a strike can often leave you wide open for a counter attack. Makes sense to me. Lowered chance on graze to compensate, but overall a buff.

Distance 2m -> 12m
This is a pretty major quality of life change I've seen a lot of people ask for, and although the name 'backstab' doesn't make much sense now, this talent works more like an ambush style damage increase. Getting the drop on your foe is always going to give you an advantage no matter if you're driving a blade into them or shooting them with a bow from a distance.

Adept Evasion
Added 50% hit to graze, 25% graze to miss for all attacks
This talent update is what I would consider bugged. I almost didn't include it with my upload, but the talent does what the description says so I decided to go ahead and include it. Originally my plan was to change reflex to deflection and lower the numbers a little for balance purposes but I couldn't find the correct line of code to do this. Then I tried to update it to only have the 50/25 to all attacks and get rid of the 75/50 reflex portion, but for some reason the reflex part still there. That's the part I consider bugged. Maybe this ability is hard coded into the assembly, I don't have time to figure out how to edit that file. If you know how to edit this ability to do what I wanted to do originally, please message me and I will gladly update it. Feel free to use this at your discretion, but be aware this talent could be considered game breaking. Your rogue will be very hard to hit.

Unzip the folder, copy and paste the files into this file:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\assetbundles\prefabs\objectbundle

As usual with any mods, make sure you save a backup copy of your objectbundle file in case anything happens or you need to revert the mod.