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Paladin buffed a bit
see screenshots for more info

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Paladin buffed a bit
Faith And Conviction +2 enemies engaged
Flames of Devotion more uses more burn
Zealous Charge +1 speed +5 def when disengaging +1m range
Zealous Focus +1m range
Zealous Endurance +1m range

see screenshots for more info

U can choose what u want in the name of your own balance, taste.
for example Faith And Conviction +2 enemies engaged modal is not usable with Savage which is modal too. Faith And Conviction passive can be used with Savage.
Flames of Devotion 4 uses per encounter / 50% damage as burn or Flames of Devotion 3 uses per day / 75% damage as burn.

Install in objectbundle dir
Everything 100% working just save game then load, after retrain do the same.

Have fun.

Popular questions:

- I have a suggestion...
- Sure m8 post it in comment section mb i can implement it if it's not something like -> make Flames of Devotion 15 uses per day with +500% burn dmg in 5m radius <-

- Is it compatible with IE mod ?
- Should be... i didn't tested yet so if u can do it please do and post your finding at comment section.

- Can u do something similar for other classes ?
- Sure why not, at least i can try but i need a lot of info... what skill,passive, weak, useless or under-performing mb in comparison to other classes abilities or "it" was good "before"(previous patches for example) but devs messed something up etc...