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Fixes annoying tooltip flickering issue.

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There is an annoying issue - sometimes tooltips flicker constantly, moving up and down by 1 pixel every frame. This makes my eyes bleed, and this mod fixes it.

Install instructions:
  1. If you don't have it already, grab Patchwork Launcher and follow User's guide to set it up.
  2. Put AppInfo.dll from the mod next to the launcher executable (if it's already there - this happens if you use other mods - you can skip this).
  3. In the launcher UI, select Active Mods -> Add -> select path to the mod DLL.

Technically, the problem is caused by the code that takes UI element position, relayouts it every frame and then rounds floating-point positions to integers. In most cases this is fine - the result of the relayout operation is identical to original positions - but sometimes with unlucky inputs the operation will transform y to y-1 on first frame, then y-1 back to y on second frame and so on. The fix simply disables rounding - I didn't see it causing any new artifacts so far.

Sources of all my PoE mods can be found on github.