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About this mod

Changes some of statistics of all Pistols, Blunderbusses and Arquebuses to make them more powerful.
But more importantly it allows dual wielding of Pistols and Blunderbusses!

Permissions and credits
Firearms Changes Mod for Pillars of Eternity Version 3.07  (released 15/11/17) .

First of all this mod was inspired by:
Firearms Overhaul by DaNecron
Firearm Rebalancing by Elsograd
I agree with these mods that Firearms need tweaks and changes because they are un-balanced at higher difficulties. Dual wielding Pistols and Blunderbusses is just common sense. But sadly these mods are out of date and have not been updated for the latest versions of the game. So I decided to create my own and base it of these two mods.
Disclaimer: I did not use their assets when creating this mod. I started from scratch and made them myself.

All Firearm Changes

All firearms have lost the '-0.25' critical Modifier.

Pistol Changes
Now Dual Wields!
Removed Accuracy Penalty from -5 to 0.
Increased Range from 8m to 10m
Decreased Reload time from 5 to 4.
As DaNecron pointed out in his mod that the pistol 'Forgiveness' has a +20% attack speed modifier that doesn't actually do anything, therefore the reload speed for the Pistol Forgiveness is reduced from 4 to 3.2 (20% of 4 is 0.8, 4-0.8=3.2).

Blunderbuss Changes
Now Dual Wields!
Reduced Accuracy Penalty from -10 to -5.

Increased Projectile Count from 6 to 7.
Increased Interrupt from Weakest(0.05s) to Weaker(0.2s).

Arquebus Changes
Increased DR Reduction from 6DR to 8DR.
Increased Range from 8m to 13m.
Removed Accuracy Penalty and added an Accuracy bonus from -5 to +3.
Increased Interrupt from Weak(0.35s) to Average(0.5s).
Decreased Reload time from 6.8s to 6s.

About Dual Wielding Firearms !!!!
The devs did not plan or design for dual wielding firearms in this game, therefore the animations are going to look weird to avoid confusion I will describe how the game handles dual wielding due to my mod. If you are confused on why your character is acting strangely when dual wielding firearms with other firearms or other weapons then please read this section.

Part 1: Firearms on both the main hand and off-hand.

As an example, a character is using a pistol on the main hand and a blunderbuss on the off-hand.
I tell the character to attack someone. The character will first fire the pistol (main hand weapon ) then the character will seem to fire the pistol again but in reality the character would've fired the blunderbuss (you can check this by looking as there are more than one projectile that is fired as well as the sound, smoke and flash being from a blunderbuss attack). There is no animation in-game for firing an off-hand firearm therefore the game defaults to using the animation for firing on the main hand.

Even though the animation suggests that the character shot twice from the main hand weapon in reality he would have fired the main hand weapon then the off hand weapon.

Then the character will reload the pistol (main hand weapon) then fire it at the enemy. Then the character appear to reload the pistol again and fire it again. But likewise, in reality the character is reloading the blunderbuss (off-hand weapon) then firing it again. There is no animation for reloading the an off-hand firearm so the game defaults to reloading a main hand weapon.

Even though the animation suggest the that the character is reloading and firing the main hand firearm twice in reality it is reloading and firing the main hand fire arm then reloading and firing the off-hand firearm afterwards.

After the first two shots of main hand and off hand firearms the character will then alternate between the reloading and firing the main and off-hand firearms. Although the animation will suggest that the character is always reloading and firing the main hand firearm.

Part 2: Firearm and melee weapon combination
Example 1: Rapier in the main hand and pistol in the off hand.
When I tell my character to attack an opponent, he will go up to enemy and stab him. Then he will hold up the rapier and will look like he fired it. Then he will stab the enemy again then reload the rapier and fire it. As you can probably tell he is, in reality, reloading and firing the pistol (off-weapon)Then the cycle starts again by the character stabbing the enemy. 

Example 2: Blunderbuss on the main hand and axe on off hand.
This example has a perfect animation sequence and should be preferred if you want all the animations to be correct and not break your immersion.
The character will fire the blunderbuss (main hand weapon)then move up the enemy and hit him with the axe (off-hand weapon). Then the character will reload the blunderbuss and fire it again then hit the enemy with an axe. This cycle repeats itself.

At the end of the day, the devs did design the game to work with dual wielding. I have had several reports of numerous other problems regarding dual wielding (infinite reloads, wrong order of actions etc.) therefore dual wielding will never entirely work as intended. But if you still like the changes which I gave to the firearms there is a version of the mod which includes the buffs but not the dual wielding part.

Trouble Shooting
If you have the very common "pink gun" glitch (where the guns don't have texture and appear to bright pink all over) you can follow these step to hopefully solve this issue.
  1. Repair your game files using the platform of your choice (Steam, GoG etc.)
  2. Make sure that you are running the latest version of the game 
  3. Reinstall this mod

Final Thoughts

I have no idea of how balanced these changes are, I just based these changes from the two previous mods and my own experience from playing. So please let me know if there is anything horribly broken (both in terms of bugs and balance). Feel free to leave suggestions as well.

Copy all of the files under the 'Modded' folder
Paste them into '...\Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\assetbundles\prefabs\objectbundle'
When prompted to Replace or Skip Files; Click Replace

Copy all of the files under the 'Originals' folder
Paste them into '...\Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\assetbundles\prefabs\objectbundle'
When prompted to Replace or Skip Files; Click Replace

The previous uninstall process was flawed because it was tied to the version of the game, so using an outdated version of the mod resulted pink guns after uninstalling. Here is the new process:

For Steam and GoG:
Verify game files.
If you acquired your game through other means:
Make a backup of the files that the mod will replace, when you decide to uninstall override the modded files with the backups.

That is all, I hope you enjoy my first ever published mod, Aberoux.