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By user request I reworked my Shaders of Eternity preset to have a little less vibrance and technicolor fantasytime colors. Gives the world of PoE a little more fantasy, sharpness, and improved detail. Enjoy!


Permissions and credits
Better Comparison Pictures on SFX for the lazy <------ Seriously, the pictures here are way way better and you can see the comparison between on and off much better.

An instalation video by Stew The RPGer! Thanks and kudos!

Link to video install guide for Reshade + SweetFX2.0


User Requested Rework of my 'Shaders of Eternity' SweetFX preset. Enjoy! =)

Update 1.1
- Added Technicolor2 into the mix
- Tweaked DPX/Technicolor/Technicolor2 Saturation
- Reduced Bloom (it may need to be toned down a little more)
- I can't remember if was pre-release or update I futzed with Curves

Update 1.2
- Fixed lighting to not be broken when it's bright out.
- Slight changes to Vibrance
- Slight changes to Tonemap
- Slight changes to various saturation effects
^ The first item on this list makes this an importantish update ^

Update 1.3
- Fixed red balance and saturation
- Slight changes to lighting
- Changed Green Technicolor1&2 to look closer to the original vision of the game
- Other stuff I'm totally forgetting

Update 1.4
- Fixed Sharpening
- other tone fixes
- Magic coolified
- pretty scenery
- waiting for update 1.0.4 to see if when the game has all its Shaders compiling through DirectX11 properly (already on the update announcement by Obsidian) to see if there's anything else I can do with the game or if I need to update these shaders

(P.S. - PoE is an OpenGL game, don't forget to use the right SweetFX dll)

Check out my other preset Shaders of Eternity (more color-techno-fantasy magic)

Thank you CeeJay.dk for SweetFX2.0!
Thank you Crosire for the Reshade API hook!