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Talix's custom made lore friendly portrait pack for PoE. Now on Version 2.1!

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Welcome Weary Traveler! 

Update 2.0!

Hello hello, so I'm back once again. Its been a long time!

I've redone the mod. Taken out any of the portraits that were in there previously that I felt didn't quite hit the standard I was aiming for. Aimed to have every portrait within a certain art style so they feel like they fit right into the game (immersion baby) - this means any portraits that were too realistic or just not good quality are out. In my opinion the mod and portraits within it are another level of standard this time around.

And of course lore friendly.

A larger quantity of portraits with a higher level of quality (if you still want some of the older portraits 1.1 is in the old files section.)

what is included in 2.0?

- 30 male portraits included
- 28 female portraits included

Now with more race variation.

1 aumaua for male and female
3 male dwarf and 1 female dwarf
2 male elf and 3 female elf
3 male godlike and 3 female godlike
21 male human and 20 female human

What is this?
A hand-picked and edited collection of portraits to be used on characters within the Pillars of Eternity Universe.

- More character options!
- Lore-Friendly (Fit into the PoE world)
- Immersion

Currently 58 different character portraits to choose from.


Apart from some intense editing and a little painting on my part credits go to all artists that originally created the beautiful artwork.
This mod is created purely for fun and dat immersion.

Maybe one day I'll get around to playing poe 2 and have an excuse for a new portrait mod :)


--- Download --> go to your pillars of eternity folder e.g. Program Files (x86) --> Steam --> Steam Apps --> Common --> Pillars of eternity --> Pillarsofeternity_data --> data --> art --> gui --> portraits --> player --> drag and drop the images within the download into male/female.

You're now good to go.


No compatibility issues.