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So, uh, I bought PoE on release, played for like 2 hours and never touched it again.
Now with the new content (which I haven't purchased yet), I thought I'd give it another try.
So far I'm running two playthroughs: One with a custom team to try out different approaches and "strategies" and another one which focuses more on story and companion interaction.
This is a screen shot of my custom team so far.
I got:
A Rogue, my main character, dual wielding two daggers and a hunter's bow, the damage dealer so far
A Barbarian with an axe and a mace, who does a good amount of damage but function more as a second tank
A Paladin with sword and shield as front line meat shield as well as some healing and buffing
A Chipher for crowd control (debuffing and stunning) and turning enemies into friends

I'm unsure of the other two positions in my team. I heard that every party needs a priest but I cannot see the benefit in one yet (except for holy radiance). Same goes with Wizard and Druid. Maybe it's because they got so many per rest abilities for my taste, lol. Well, at least Druids and Priests have an overwhelming amount of spells I have no use for and I hate to have "useless" spells that take away space. It's inefficient in my opinion.
So far I thought about a Ranger to get two party members on each line (the animal at the front line to snatch away enemies which could target my frail Chipher and the Ranger himself in the back to deal damage from afar.)

Any suggestions or ideas? I also gladly listen to tips on how to play as a Wizard / Druid / Priest properly. ;)

Last but not least:
Have a great day and thanks for reading!

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    If you're going for a ranged Cipher, the blunderbuss is the way to go for big focus proccs. At least that's how it was since I last played. Rangers are good damage dealers if you aren't interested in using casters.