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Adds the ability to mod or enable mods for Persona 5 strikers using the 3DMigoto method

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How to install:
        Extract the Persona 5 MOD enabler into the game directory-  game.exe or where you game is installed. Start the game and you should see green text which will confirm that its working.

it will include a MOD folder and any mods downloaded should go there. if for whatever reason you change your mind there is a uninstall.bat included that should remove everything added expect for the mod folder which can just be deleted manually.

I will provide basic armor texture recolor mods for now to provide examples
and at a later time add mods changing the models of characters and personas later

Joker haves many jackets as well as Mask color options
Ryuji Have 1 skin as well as model changes
Fox have 1 texture recolor atm

To make use of the 3dmigoto itself here are some controls , you dont need to restart the game to check if mods are working just press f+10 after adding mods
Persons 5S Mod Enabler

Mods downloaded should be unpacked to the Mods directory.

  F1: Show this help

Mod Keys:
  F2: Toggle mods on and off
  F10: Reload all mods (Use it upon adding new mods)
  Ctrl+Alt+F10: Reload all mods and reset to default configuration
 Pressing Numpad 0 activates the ability to check shaders and such( wont go to deep about  it yet but basically it allows you to pull textures and models from the game) I can provide links for tutorials about how to do that later. For now there's no reason to press numpad 0 unless you already familiar with what to do.

I didn't create 3dmigoto just made it compatible with Persona 5S (no coder by any means)

Here is a few guides/info - different games but same methods as well as same coding instructions
  1. 3d migoto addon for blender - so you can import the files you extracted and proceed to edit the meshes. Only works for blender version 2.92 and lower
  2. Youtube guide - using 3dmigoto but different game
  3. a 3d migoto guide - 18+ site  - i would start with this one because the coding use to extract files are the same for this game  but if not ask me some questions on either mod page
  4. The texture files extracted  are dds formatted so you need Photoshop or any program that can edit dd. to make attire color mods 
  5. any thing(characters/weapons/certain personas) in this game (or that use 3d migoto) can be replaced that includes outfits/weapons/ etc from any other game. Its possible to Change Jokers phantom thief attire to Sub-zero outfit from Mortal Kombat but it requires a little knowledge on what to do.
  6. 3d migoto just changes or swaps models/meshes. From my knowledge it does not change the Music/SFX/ provide cheats/animations of characters

If you want to chat or have a call. Add my discord SnanSGaiiaG#6829 for any questions regarding on what to do. Let me know what yyour trying to accomplish regarding modding this game