Persona 4 Golden
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A ReShade Preset for Persona 4: Golden made to look like a retro camera filter.

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This is a ReShade preset made made to look like a retro camera filter. I highly recommend installing Special K as well; it removes the motion blur and sharpens slightly. Without it the game may be a bit dark and oversaturated.


Obviously you need the latest version of ReShade to install this. When installing, make sure to select DX11.
Then extract the .zip folder contents into the game installation folder where P4G.exe is located. (If installed through Steam, it'll be something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Persona 4 Golden.)


All you have to do is delete d3d11.dllReShade.iniretro_filter.ini files and reshade-shaders folder from the game installation folder. However note that deleting the reshade-shaders folder will remove all the effects you've downloaded, so if you only want to delete this presets effects then delete the Retro Filter folder only. The same goes with ReShade.ini. (You can always reinstall ReShade to get these files back though.)

Feel free to tweak this preset to your preferences! I know the text box and character portraits are a bit bright, but I don't know if there's a way to fix that without just removing the entire preset. If anyone has any suggestions/feedback let me know! (This is the first custom ReShade preset I've ever made, so I'd love to know what people think about it.) Also, you can also turn off the filter by pressing ScreenLock if you ever need or want to.