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This mod adds various types of CPUs,GPUs,PSUs,Storages, Airflow Cases, Features like Cryptomining and MANY MORE! (1000+ parts)
You can find me hanging around my discord server - https://discord.gg/43JPU96

Permissions and credits
This mod adds various hardware components and features to the game such as:
- CPUs: Xeon's, EPYCs, Ampere Altra (Max)
- GPUs: NVIDIA and AMD Workstation GPUs (Quadro, Tesla, TITAN, Radeon Pro, Radeon FirePro, Radeon Instinct...etc)
- PSUs: Various Power Supply's for all your power supplying needs, either for OCing or Mining ;)
- Cases: Modded cases made for more airflow and for mining
- Features: Crypto Mining, Fast Boot, Smart Access Memory, ECC Memory
**THIS MOD IS FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH CAREER MODE** meaning the parts of it will unlock "naturally" from low end at lower levels to high end at higher levels
MAKE SURE TO JOIN MY DISCORD SERVER FOR YALL Hardware Expansion Fans for latest news,future parts...etc: https://discord.gg/43JPU96
AND PCBS Official Discord server https://discord.gg/pcbuildingsim

To install/update this mod:
1. Extract to PC Building Simulator Root folder and replace ALL files (where PCBS.exe is located)
2. Run the game normally and enjoy ;)

1. NOTICE: I recommend running this mod with no extra mods installed in case some items from other mods have same ID and other stuff...
2. NOTICE: Make sure you backup Saves in case something goes wrong!
3. NOTICE: There is only one way to uninstall HEM for PCBS, wich is through STEAM/GOG verification of game files, do note that all saves where you used HEM won't be able to load until you have installed HEM again

Special thanks:
Jacob Klein