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This mod adds various types of CPUs,GPUs,PSUs,Storages, Airflow Cases and MANY MORE! (over 450+ parts)
of course i am planning to add more stuff... if you got any suggestions what should be added just add me on discord or you can find me hanging around my discord server - https://discord.gg/43JPU96

Permissions and credits
This mod adds various types of CPUs,GPUs,PSUs,Storages and RAMs
CPUs - Xeon and EPYC Processors (and some random ones)
GPUs - Workstation based gpus (quadro's, instinct and some other ones as well)
PSUs - 1600,2000,2400,2800,3200W
RAMs - 32,64,128 GB with varrious RAM Speeds
Radiators - EK Radiators with allot of CFM called chilled (ofc they are expensive)
MBs - Various Different motherboards
Storage - Barracuda Pros, Intel optane 900P and 800P
Cases - Extra airflow on then for maximum overclocking potential!
- All parts are retail priced (well most at least)
And more... also more to come
MAKE SURE TO JOIN MY DISCORD SERVER FOR YALL Hardware Expansion Fans for latest news,future parts...etc: https://discord.gg/43JPU96
AND PCBS Official discord server https://discord.gg/pcbuildingsim

To install/update this mod:
1. Extract it to PC Building Simulator Root folder (where PCBS.exe is located)
2. Run Install mods.bat
3. if everything went well with no error's should be good

NOTICE: Make sure you backup Saves in case something goes wrong!

2. NOTICE: i did not use anyone's else's mods in my pack its all my code, also i aint sure if mod works on DLC workshops but on original should work.