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PCBAY Customization, Debug Menu, QOL Fixes and Cheats. All-in-one package to a fully customized PCBS playthrough

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PCBS - SebaFixes

Small mod I developed for pc building simulator to fix some annoyances I found with the base game.


  1. Download BepinEx (x64)
  2. Extract the contents of the zip in the root of your PCBS directory
  3. (optional) Download Bepinex.ConfigurationManager
  4. Extract its contents in the root of your PCBS directory
  5. Download SebaFixes
  6. Extract it into `PC Building Simulator/BepinEx/plugins`
  7. Start the game
  8. ???
  9. Profit!


Contains the following fixes/enhancements/QOL:

  • No price check for Air Cooler, Liquid Cooler and Motherboard replacements
  • Can replace Air Cooler with Liquid Cooler (not the opposite)
  • Faster dust cleaning
  • Software installation/removal without rebooting
  • USB drive not needed for OS/software installation
  • PCBay PC Auctions made more profitable (finally you can break even and make a little profit on the side)
  • More PCBay Auctions!
  • Show Debug Panel (F2)
  • Free Delivery
  • Fast Auctions
  • PC Auctions give XP
  • PCBay: skip buy message
  • Always Satisfy conditions: cable color, loop color, brand and new parts
  • Customizable OCCT Test
  • Customizable 3DMark Duration
  • Mute OS Startup/Shutdown Sound
  • More Jobs
  • Collision check disable for pc components
  • Wattage Speed modifier
  • Job cash/budget/kudos rewards modifiers
  • Enable/Disable Perfect Silicon Lottery
  • Enable/Disable Portable Apps
  • PayMod (always take full price from jobs)
  • Sorting options (with a new recommended mode!)
  • Reworked Job Parts Pane, which shows original parts!
Each of these options can easily be turned off or on, if you also install the ConfigurationManager Plugin. [Press F1]
Alternatively, after the first run a config file will be generated in `BepInEx/config`, there you can easily change the values.


  • synogen: for inspiration for the portable mode and sorting options. I leverage the sorting ui asset directly from his mod, but my logic is completely custom.
  • whitebow: for inspiration for the PayMod. His mod was a true inspiration to make my own 'fixed' and configurable version.

Known Bugs

  • The lighting app still requires you to reboot the PC to see all the controls
  • When enabling the custom OCCT Test, the timer doesn't work (the test still works properly, it's just a visual bug)


Source code