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This adds the song "Steal from the Rich, give to myself", Composed by Simon Viklund for Payday 2 to the game as a Heist track.

This also requires SuperBLT. if you dont already have this installed. What is you doin?

Permissions and credits
After installing Custom OST by Nate into your MODS (
Place this mod's Zip file into the CustomOSTTracks folder that was...

A: created with the installation of its parent mod
B: you created the folder yourself like you did for the Mod_Overrides folder.

These 2 mods must be placed in the MODS folder in the game directory.

It should look like this:
Steam > steamapps > common > PAYDAY 2 > mods > CustomOSTTracks > (this mod)

Regarding the track, I composed the Stealth track out of sound samples of the original song that Simon Viklund himself showed off in a stream where he broke down the song.

The control phase has a weird loop. Cutting off the guitar during this section for it to fit perfectly in time would have made listening to it Jarring as the guitar would suddenly cut off.

However, it EVER so slightly goes out of time as the control track progresses. Giving it a sort of Lazy intro to the hype that is the rest of the song, So In a way I think it fits.

I also composed the stealth track out of the sound clips that Simon Viklund demonstrated in his stream. The Bass playing though is my own.