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A broad overhaul intended to create a fresh, new experience for Pathway.

Permissions and credits
  • all new skill trees and starting character load outs aimed to remove redundancies and build a more unique niche for every character
  • complete enemy and equipment balance overhaul, exaggerating values and making each type more distinct from one another
  • minor AI changes, including more aggressive behaviors and new alternative actions with previously unused animations
  • new enemy group compositions which evolve as the game progresses, including a complete faction swap for one unit type in particular
  • extra end game variants for all weapon types to further enhance customization and replay value
  • new equipment affixes, both positive and negative with several affixes unique to certain item types
  • major changes to repairkits and medkits, greatly increasing the importance of those specialist characters
  • various drastic updates to knives to allow them to retain their old niche in a new way, while not completely outshining other off hand options
  • sniper rifle improvements, giving a much needed power increase at the expense of mobility
  • more dramatic critical hits to add more unpredictability, especially in the hands of pistol users
  • new corrosion damage type formula, making disintegrators even more optimal against heavily armored enemies
  • loot table updates giving more opportunities to find unique rarity items and adjusting the drop chance of all item types proportional to the characters in the game that can use them, resulting in less unused drops
  • merchant improvements increasing general quality of items available for sale and reduce instances of multiples of the same item type
  • less linear experience scaling and an achievement trophy rework, to even out difficulty and allow faster progression for newly unlocked characters

Locate your Pathway installation.  If purchased through Steam, you can quickly jump to this folder in the Steam Library>right click Pathway>Properties>Local Files>Browse Local Files.  Optionally, to allow for quick uninstallation later, make a duplicate copy of the config folder found here with a different folder name which you can revert back later.  Alternatively, Steam users can also uninstall by prompting steam to perform a local file validation.

To install the mod, drop the modded Config folder provided in to the Pathway installation folder along side the existing Config folder.  When prompted, agree to replace the files in the destination.

This mod requires you first download the latest base game update to version 1.3 or higher before you apply the mod.

Profiles (save files) are not compatible forwards nor backwards with vanilla Pathway.  A new profile must be created to play this mod.  As an optional precaution, you can back up your old vanilla profiles beforehand.  You can locate those files here:
Windows: C:\Users\{user_name}\AppData\Local\Robotality\Pathway
Linux: ~/.local/share/Robotality/Pathway
MacOS: ~/Library/Application Support/Robotality/Pathway

If you allow Steam or your platform of choice to automatically apply game updates, please take caution when using this mod after an update is downloaded.  This may result in modded files being intermingled with vanilla files, which will likely result in, at worst, save (profile) corruption.  To avoid this issue, I recommend you disable automatic game updates.  When you do manually allow an update, you can immediately after reapply the modded files to your installation.

If you enjoy the mod or have new ideas, I'd love to hear about it!

I would like to give thanks to Bach of Robotality for taking the time to help troubleshoot issues along the way.  Be sure to check out the Robotality discord to join the community and get updates on their future projects: