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This mod is designed to fix / balance some of the problems facing by Lich players
These includes:
- corrupted blood
- Lord beyond the grave
- Eye of the bodak
- Eclipse Chill
- Tainted Sneak Attack
- Negative Eruption

other fix: insightful contemplation of courtpoet now have effect!

Permissions and credits
**** I am now working oversea and have no tiime to update this mod. If you are interested, you can update this mod freely without my permission~****


This is my first mod, so it may have some bug
As a lich player, I found that some of the core abilities / spells have bugs or have to be balanced. It shall allow you to have more fun.

Install & Setup
  • Install the Unity Mod Manager.
  • Install the mod using the Unity Mod Manager or extract the archive to your game's mod folder (e.g. '\Steam\steamapps\common\Pathfinder Second Adventure\Mods').
  • Ctrl + F10 to open up Unity Mod Manager Menu, you can change options of this mod at there.
  • Changing of options require restart of the game

version 1.2.0

  • Lord beyond the Grave:
- You can now choose the abilities affected by Lord beyond the Grave in the mod menu.

*Please be reminded that you need to restart after you make changes in the mod menu.

version 1.1.1a

  • Blessing of Unlife:
- Add an option to fix the Double Saving Bonus if WorldCrawl is also installed.

version 1.1.0

  • Option menu UI improved, press Ctrl + F10 to adjust setting in game
  • Eye of the Bodak:
- Works as intended now (-1 level per round)
- moved Gaze Attack / Death Descriptor, so it works when the Lich have such immunities. It will however, pass through the immunities of enemies.

  • Eclipse Chill:
- DC now equal to 10 + Character Level + Mythic Level

  • Tainted Sneak Attack:
- DC now equal to 10 + Character Level + Mythic Level

  • Negative Eruption:
- Maximum Damage set to 250 when Caster Level is 25.
- Please be noted that there are no limitation on the maximum damage originally (even it is Max. 150 in description), so this is for balance only

version 1.0.0

  • corrupted blood:
- now have save on cast / trigger
- damage reduced (but progress with caster level)
- adjustable range (5 feet is recommended)
- metamagic selective now works on the corrupted blood trigger

  • Lord beyond the Grave:
- work on LIVING companions and main character if the have the buff of Blessing of Unlife. (you may want to turn it off if you think it is too OP).

  • Eye of the Bodak:
- It will now show FX effect (same as the death gaze)
- floating number will now shows when negative level is applied on enemies.

  • Insightful Contemplation (Court Poet Skill):
- As my Ember is a court poet, I found that something is going wrong if there is no FX effect when she play a song.

Owlcat Games - for the game
Pathfinder Wrath of The Righteous Discord channel members - for teaching me a lot for making the mod
@swizzlewizzle - for the tutorial of beginners in creating mod
@bubble - for all the bubble mods and advices
@Narria - for the great toybox as a teaching material in making mod

and all members in the discord modding community~

Modding is just fun~