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This is a simple QoL mod that adds a "Use until heal" context menu item to healing potions, which when clicked repeatedly uses the potion until the character is completely healed or until there are no more potions left (only when out of combat). Other features: auto-use potions with "ctrl + H", auto-heal party using spells with "ctrl+shift+H".

Permissions and credits

I often find myself being too lazy to use my overstock of cure light potions in order to heal 100 HP on a character, this mod addresses this issue.

Note that the option is added to all usable items, but will only consume the potions when:
  • current character HP < max character HP and is out of combat,
  • there are enough potions left,
  • the potion is a cure/restore HP potion (or inflict potion for undead characters).

The total effect is exactly the same as if you would have clicked use multiple times until the character was at full health.

Other features:

  • Select a damaged character and press "left control + H" to automatically heal it using potions. See changes below for 0.3.0 for how this works. 0.2.2 has a dumber algorithm, where the cheapest potion is used first, so you can pick the one you like.
  • Press "left control + shift + H" to automatically use spells and abilities to heal your characters. This uses the already existing game scripts (the same one that is used if you select "use abilities and spells before rest" option. Helps spending those 30 cure light wounds your characters have automatically, without actually resting! Abilities and spells are spent on usage; however the healing is done instantly as is the case with using potions.

Mod settings (reached from the mod menu, default ctrl + F10):
  • Max HP % to heal to. E.g., if set to 50%, potions won't be spent on a character with more than 50% HP
  • Overheal percentage (when using "control + H"): A potion of heal (heals 110 HP) would not normally be used to heal a character that is missing 100 HP. If you set this value to greater than 10%, it would.
  • Maximum amount of pots to use (when using "control + H"): The max. amount of potions to use at a single press of "control + H".

Latest Updates (full changelog under Logs tab)
Compatibility patch for game version 1.3.0k, no other changes.
Undead healing is now supported, get inflicting on those bony bois! Ctrl+H will automatically find inflict potions in inventory if the selected unit is undead, and use the same algorithm as with non-undead units. You can also use "use until healed" by right clicking inflict potions from the inventory.
Potions of cure/inflict serious wounds were not working before, now they should.
Ctrl+H healing was sometimes triggering with Ctrl+shift+H, fixed.
Greatly improved the algorithm for auto-healing when using the "ctrl + H" shortcut. This update shouldn't affect the other features of the mod.

The algorithm now chooses the best suited potion for the missing health, instead of trying to heal 100 HP with 20 potions of cure light wounds.

Example: Seelah has 200 max HP, with 150 missing. The previous algorithm would try to use as many potion of cure light wounds as possible, before moving to more expensive potions. 0.3.0 algorithm tries to use the potion that would restore the most HP without overhealing (which can be adjusted in the mod menu).
  • First a potion of Heal is used to heal 110 HP. 40 HP missing. 
  • Next best potion is potion of cure critical wounds, which would heal at most 39 HP (4d8 + 7, depending on the dice roll). Seelah now has somewhere between 1 to 29 HP missing. Let's assume missing HP is less than 19..
  • A cure moderate wound pot heals at most 19 HP, so this will be skipped. A potion of cure light wounds heals at most 9 HP. If Seelah is still missing more than 9 HP, (assuming overheal setting is at 0%), a cure light wounds potion will be used to restore at most 9 HP. If Seelah is missing less than 9 HP, no further potions will be used (unless overheal is set).

Also added a counter to "ctrl + H" healing, which sets an upper bound to the number of used potions each time.

I haven't tested this extensively, an overheal setting of 20-30 % might work well, but this probably depends where you are in the game. I'm planning on extending this with a setting to prevent usage of some potions (e.g. potion of heal, which might be better kept for combat situations). Note that this is experimental, and if you do not want to use it please stay at 0.2.2, as nothing else has changed.


  1. Install the latest version of Unity Mod Manager (UMM), and set it up for Pathfinder: WotR.
  2. Manually download the mod archive (.zip), and install it through UMM. You can simply drag & drop the archive to the box in UMM.

You are set! The game should show the installed mods at the main menu.

Note that using mods disables Steam achievements. You can re-enable them with this mod (at least at the time of writing this).


Should be compatible with almost every other mod out there. I have tested it with the awesome Enhanced Inventory mod, and there weren't any issues.

Known issues

The checks to add the context menu option are done after the the menu item is clicked in order to improve GUI performance, which means the context menu item is visible for all usable items, but has no effect if above conditions are not satisfied.


See files for the source.