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Turns every customization option into a Hololive member

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Ladies and Gentlemen, my latest creation!

This mod replaces all player models with Hololive members. You can select a member while starting a new game, or you will be assigned one based on your head type. And for the members included, we have:

HoloEN Advent:
- Koseki Bijou
- Fuwawa Abyssgard
- Mococo Abyssgard
- Nerissa Ravencroft
- Shiori Novella

HoloEN Promise:
- Ouro Kronii
- Hakos Baelz
- Nanashi Mumei

HoloEN Myth:
- Amelia Watson
- Gawr Gura
- Mori Calliope
- Ninomae Ina'nis
- Takanashi Kiara

- Kobo Kanaeru
- Ayunda Risu

- Usada Pekora
- Nekomata Okayu
- Inugami Korone
- Houshou Marine
- Sakura Miko
- A-Chan

MISSING IN ACTION (i.e. I wanted to add them, but they don't have free models available on the internet):
- Ceres Fauna
- IRyS
- Tsukomo Sana
- Kaela Kovalskia

Thank you everyone for the support on my previous Hololive pal mods, and I hope you enjoy this player model overhaul!

(Sidenote: this mod affects *all* characters, regardless of gender, hair choice, or any equipment being worn.)

Credits for all characters go to Hololive and CoverCorp. You are allowed to use this mod in any way that complies with the CoverCorp Derivative Works Guidelines, including streaming the game with this mod enabled:

To install, just extract the .pak file into /steamapps/common/Palworld/Pal/Content/Paks.