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About this mod

A minimap radar that displays live pal positions and more.
Also features a mega-zoomed-out mode for easier navigation!

Permissions and credits
Tested & working with:
Game Versions:
Steam version: v0.1.5.1
Steam version: v0.1.5.0
Steam version: v0.1.4.1
UE4SS Versions:

  • Shows player world location.
  • Shows all Pals around you on the minimap.
  • Shows fast travel points on minimap.
  • Shows other players on the minimap.
  • Shows lifmunk effigies on minimap.
  • Shows dungeons on minimap.
  • Shows chests on minimap.
  • Shows notes on minimap.
  • Shows human NPC's on minimap.
  • Shows player camps on minimap.
  • Shows death locations on minimap.
  • Shows skillfruit trees on minimap.
  • Shows rare/shiny pals on minimap (indicated with sparkles on the pal icon).
  • Shows bosses on map.
  • Circular/square design choice.
  • Auto-hide map in boss battles, inventories, menus.
  • Compatible with single player and dedicated servers (only if installed on clients)
  • Slightly auto-zooms based on your speed.
  • Mega zoomed-out mode for easier navigating without opening full map!
  • Minimap rotation un/lock.
  • Minimap render resolution setting.
  • Minimap size & position adjustable in-game with ease.
  • Adjust minimap zoom level.
  • Mod config menu support for easy configuration.


(key binds are configurable via settings)

  • [ Z ] KEY to toggle mega zoom out mode for easier travelling without opening the map often (pal icons are hidden in this mode).
  • HOLD [ Z ] KEY and scroll the mouse wheel up and down to zoom in and out (doesn't work in mega zoomed out mode).
  • [ L ] KEY to cycle minimap default screen positions.
  • [ H ] KEY to show/hide the minimap.
  • [ K ] KEY to enter/exit minimap adjust mode - use arrow keys to move and the mouse scroll wheel to adjust the size.
  • NOTE: Sometimes the INSERT KEY (UE4SS command) needs to be pressed to initialize the mod when playing on a server.

Settings are best managed by using the ModConfig menu, at main menu (optional, but very useful).
Settings can still be customized manually by editing the "PaldarConfig.modconfig.json" file located in "\Palword\Pal\Content\Paks\LogicMods".
(ensure to only replace the "LIVE" value of each setting, without changing any commas, spaces etc)

To Do:
  • Fix underground bosses aren't seen on minimap.
  • Add iron, coal & sulfur to minimap
  • Add cardinal direction markers.
  • Allow customizing settings live in game - soon!
  • Improve anti-aliasing issues.
  • Add keybinds for everything (to also fix scroll not working for some)
  • Add current player coordinates.
  • Any other user suggestions :)

NOTE: Needs to be installed in the players' game files, not a servers'.
You already have UE4SS:
  • Simply copy the 3 files from this mod into the "LogicMods" folder of your game, located in "\Palword\Pal\Content\Paks\LogicMods".
  • Optional: Also download and install the Mod Config Menu mod to allow in-game customization of settings (recommended).
You don't have UE4SS yet:
  • Download and unzip the Paldar zip file.
  • Download and unzip RE-UE4SS v3.X.X (GITHUB LINK) [v3.0.0 or higher required].
  • Copy the files from the UE4SS folder into the "win64" folder of your game, located in "\Palword\Pal\Binaries\Win64".
  • Open the "mods.txt" file located in "\Palword\Pal\Binaries\Win64\Mods" and ensure that the "BPModLoaderMod" variable is set to 1.
  • Copy the 3 files from this mod into the "LogicMods" folder of your game, located in "\Palword\Pal\Content\Paks\LogicMods".
  • Optional: Also download and install the Mod Config Menu mod to allow in-game customization of settings (recommended).
  • Download and unzip the paldar zip file.
  • Copy and replace both the "Paldar.pak" file AND the "Paldar.modconfig.json" from this mod into the "LogicMods" folder of your game, located in "\Palword\Pal\Content\Paks\LogicMods".
  • For v0.18+, make sure to also update Mod Config Menu to v1.4 for keybinds settings to work properly and other new features!

Known Issues:
  • Minimap can overlap some UI still.
  • Player & camp icons acting weird when in co-op (code invite method).
  • Some above ground bosses not showing up.
  • Minimap not auto-hiding in some cases (mostly in servers).
  • Underground bosses aren't seen on minimap yet.


0.19 - 10/03/24:
  • Added circular minimap shape, choose square/circle in settings!
  • Fixed chest and egg scanning issues from v0.18 update.
  • Finalized config file names and layout (shouldn't change much now).
0.18 - 09/03/24: 
  • Added player camps to minimap.
  • Added player death locations to minimap.
  • Fixed icons not locking rotation with setting.
  • Fixed custom zoom level controlled via scroll wheel.
  • Minimap now hides while in Palbox.
  • Minimap now hides when game map opened.
  • Minimap now hides in character creation menu.
  • Minimap now hides when in a tower boss battle.
  • Added minimap on/off setting.
  • Fixed fast travel points not scaling correctly.
0.17 - 06/03/24:
  • Added NPC humans to minimap.
  • Added notes/journals to minimap.
  • Fixed minimap not hiding in inventory/menus.
  • Fixed effigies not removing from minimap properly.
  • Fixed shiny pals sometimes getting detected as bosses.
  • Changed keybinds for edit mode minimap scale size to SCROLL WHEEL (was 90- and +).
  • Added setting to lock all icon rotations to north (excluding pals for now).
  • Reduced mod file size by 90%.
0.16c - 05/03/24:
  • Collected effigies now remove from minimap.
  • Fixed INSERT key duplicating minimap issue.
  • Added customizable minimap zoom with scroll wheel.
  • Added backup keys for minimap edit mode size (NUM - and NUM +, as well as 0 and 9).
0.16b - 04/03/24:
  • Fixed most icons 'show' setting not working.
  • Changed 'hide minimap in base camps' to off by default.
  • Fixed Wumpo, Menasting icons.
  • Fixed minimap position and scale not always saving.
0.16 - 04/03/24:
  • Fixed shiny detection.
  • Fixed boss detection.
  • Heaps more performance changes!
  • Added shiny only pal mode.
  • Added a different icon for visited/unvisited fast travel points.
  • Fixed camera auto adjusting in dungeons.
0.15 - 03/03/24:
Thanks to miapuffia of Map Collectables Helper for showing me better ways to scan!
  • Added skillfruits to minimap.
  • Added lifmunk effigies to minimap.
  • Added dungeons to minimap.
  • Improved chest, egg and skillfruit icons.
  • Fixed Chillet and Wixen icons.
  • Fixed chests not removing from minimap when opened.
  • Fixed eggs not removing from minimap when collected.
  • Fixed icons not scaling with megazoom mode.
  • Fixed eggs not showing on dedicated servers.
  • Fixed minimap position and scale not saving between game sessions.
0.14 - 02/03/24:
  • Added toggle setting for auto-zoom with movement
  • Added eggs to minimap.
  • Fixed Pyrin icon.
  • Fixed chest scanning finally.
  • Performance increased.
  • Added minimap opacity setting.
  • Added Mod Config Menu support.
  • Added setting to show pals while mega-zoomed out.
  • Added back auto-hide minimap in base camps.
0.13 - 28/02/24:
  • Added rare/shiny pal detection
  • Fixed Tanzee, Tocotoco, Tombat & Vixy icon issues.
  • Added minimap size and positioning feature.
  • Fixed duplicate player icon when mounted.
0.12 - 26/02/24:
  • Show other players' icons on the minimap.
  • Fixed 'show pal positions' setting.
  • Removed auto-hide minimap in camp.
  • Fixed 'show/hide minimap'.
  • Fixed Woolipops, Vanwyrms & Gumoss icon issues.
  • Changed chest icon.
  • Removed unused settings from config (they'll be added back as they're completed).
  • Some garbage collection improvements.
  • Added minimap render resolution setting.
0.11 - 25/02/24:
  • Show chests on minimap.
  • Added settings config file.
  • Added minimap rotation lock setting.
0.1 - 24/02/24:
  • Initial release.