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Allows building close to palbox, Allows building over water, Disable collision, allow overlapping bases, allow building in air,

Supports both Client and Server.

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What is this?

This is a script that i made to patch the Game and/or Server executable, 

I made this script so you can have all these mods applied without the need for cheat engine or anything that manipulates memory to avert any issues with any anti cheat software you might have to deal with(not necessarily with palworld but for any other game you got installed that wont like you having cheat engine)
Plus its easier to remember to launch the game with the script/exe than to remember launch the game and tab out to use cheat engine.(assuming your using the temp patching function). If you use the Permanent patching function you dont have to do anything special just launch the game normally.

What does it do exactly?:

The 2 methods do the same thing, but do it in different ways.
the DragNDrop Patcher:
it performs a few things. 1st it will make a backup of your game or server executable, 2nd it will patch the executable with the patches/mods.
The DLL:
Upon being loaded it finds the pattern for the mods/patches and patches them, if the DLL fails to find the patches/mods it gives an error.


** Manual DLL install method **

1. Download t4bby's DLL Loader:
2. Read the Instructions to install t4bby's loader and create the Plugins folder as it says.
3. Download PalPatcher.dll from the github and place it in the Plugins folder you created.

** DragNDrop EXE Patcher **

This hopefully will support patching the executable on linux(not tested) and windows.
This script doesnt need to be placed anywhere specific, just do 1 of these 2 ways of executing it.
Use this by 1 of 2 methods:

1. Drag and dropping the game executable file onto the script.( if just patching palworld, you only need to patch "Palworld-Win64-Shipping.exe", if your patching Palserver you need to do both executables "PalServer-Win64-Test-Cmd.exe" and "PalServer-Win64-Test.exe"
2. Call the script in a terminal window with the file to be patched as an argument. IE: "python /path/to/PalServer-Win64-Test-Cmd"


  • Build close to Palbox: Place structures right next to your Palbox without restrictions.
  • Build in mid-air: Create floating bases by starting with a foundation and building upwards.
  • Overlapping bases: Place Palboxes/Bases close to each other.
  • Disable world collision: Place objects freely, allowing them to clip through walls and the ground.
  • Build on water: Build on the water's surface.

**Additional features:**

  • Server support: Patch both the client and server for multiplayer compatibility.
  • Command line support: Launch the patcher quickly using command line arguments if you want.
  • Choice of execution: Use the DLL and have the patches applied at every boot, or use the DragNdrop script to permanently patch the game.

**Important notes:**

  • Python is required for the DragNDrop script. Ensure Python is installed and added to your PATH environment variable.
  • The DragNDrop file can be placed and run from any location as it just need you to drag the exe onto it.

**Links: **


* Code for "Allow building close to palbox", "Building in mid air", "Overlapping bases", and "Disable world collision"  "Build on water" discovered by CactusPi3.
* Server-side code and support restriction bypass was found by me.
* Thanks to S1M4N for testing and confirming the server code works.