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Lets you spawn Pals/NPCs and edit their Stats/IVs before spawning them in and it also has a tab for giving yourself any item in the game!

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Hello! This is a more 'advanced' mod that lets you spawn in Pals or you may also give them to yourself directly. Now here's the fun part, you may customize their stats/IVs/abilities/passives to your liking before spawning them in which means you can give Lucky/Legend passive to non shiny or legendary Pals! You may also give yourself any item in the game.

Spawning items/pals/npcs works in multiplayer, however you will need to be an admin and both the server and client must have this mod.

You can customize the keybind to open the menu in creative-menu-config.lua (Default is F1)

UE4SS (I've been testing this on 3.0.1, so I can't guarantee it'll work on older versions)

Refer to the second stickied comment by me in the Posts tab, it covers every step including installation of the mod on servers.


F1 is the default keybind for opening the menu, keybind is customizable in creative-menu-config.lua

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