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This is a re-released version of my previous auto run mod, this is due to a restructuring of the files and a new install process. I want to make sure people follow the install instructions properly due to this being both a LUA mod and a Blueprint mod, so please follow the instructions carefully or things will not work properly.

Permissions and credits
Rereleased version of my previous auto run mod with some improvements since the original release!

This mod is being rereleased in order to ensure proper installation is followed, and to better document the features that have been added since the mod was originally released including:

Added mount support (for flying and ground mounts) (flying mounts, aim camera upwards while flying to not lose altitude.)
Fixed climbing issues (aim camera in the direction you want to climb if using auto run while climbing)
Swim under the water surface if items get stuck under water (enable autorun and aim camera down while swimming)
Autorun key is now rebind able by the user (See instructions to change binding!)
Original release had bugs with the W and S key no longer working, that has since been fixed and is fixed with this version as well.

Using this mod on servers is possible!

If you want to use this mod on a server it will work, but each user that wants auto run needs to install it, there is currently not a server side mod for it, so have them install it on their end to enable it as well!

Manual Installation Instructions

Download BOTH files from this page and then follow instructions below

The AutoRunning .PAK file needs to be placed in "\Pal\Content\Paks\LogicMods"
and the AutoRun folder needs to be placed in "\Pal\Binaries\Win64\Mods"

Once the files are in their place head to "\Pal\Binaries\Win64\Mods\AutoRun\Scripts" and open the Config file, if you want to rebind the auto run key, change the value "Key.OEM_PLUS" to your desired key, for reference I included a link to the ue4ss docs that lists out all the key options you can use! ONLY CHANGE THE PORTION AFTER "Key."

Installation with VortexUse vortext to download both files, the Pak and Lua ones, it should auto place them in their necessary locations.