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Start the game with a modest base prebuilt with a focus on efficiency and defense.

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After seeing the state of a bald streamer's base, I had to spring into action. This save file will start you with a simple base containing most of what you need for the early game and room to grow. You'll start with basic tools, armor, weapons, some food, and spheres. Everything else is up to you.

The area is known to attract several raids, so defenses have been prepared. Two turrets on the main entrance and several guard towers for players. (Note you must provide arrows in the nearby chest and assign pals for the turrets to function)

Note the placement of objects,
  • palbox with a chest nearby for easy loading/offloading after fast travel
  • a single food basket centrally located since all pals will need to go there to eat
  • don't build a ton of chests or food baskets, you're just making things more complicated for pals and yourself
  • the ranch should have the most immediate access to the food basket since those items need to be offloaded there (note ranch holds 4 pals max)
  • crops don't matter as much since they're not as frequently transported
  • logging and mining stations should have the most immediate access to the chest
  • mill and crusher near the crops so water pals don't need to commute
  • hotsprings should be central/easily accessible by all workstations, but out of the way
  • your house should be out of the way so pals are unlikely to wander inside
  • I like to put crafting in/around the house to make it feel more cozy
  • breeding pens and pal beds should just be out of the way, incubators are effected by nearby heat sources i.e. campfire
  • adequate spacing between everything or pals will get stuck, they also factor the hitboxes of other pals while pathing (rip digtoise)
  • using larger pals, like most endgame pals and lucky or boss pals, will require even more spacing to keep traffic smooth
  • after all these things are considered, I will add decoration where it fits without sacrificing any of the previous

Installation just drag and drop the folder into your palworld saves folder:
C:\Users\(user name)\AppData\Local\Pal\Saved\SaveGames\(bunch of numbers)

If you wish to change character appearance and name, use RemakeCharacter.