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Tired of your Pals getting stuck somewhere and starving themselves to death? No more! Hungry Pal Rescuer detects when a hungry pal can't path to the feed box and respawns them at the pal box.

Permissions and credits
Disclaimer: As with any mod, please backup your world before using this mod! This mod is still in its early stages and may have unforeseen bugs.

Hi! This mod detects when a hungry pal can't path to the feed box and respawns them at the pal box. This has the added benefit that it will unstuck pals that get stuck (eventually, once they get hungry).

This mod is compatible with my Pal Force Feeder mod, so check that out if you're looking to make sure pals are always getting healthy meals!

Looking for something a bit more powerful? Check out this mods bigger brother, Stuck Pal Rescuer.

  • This mod should be compatible with both local play and dedicated servers, and the host should be the only one who needs to have the mod installed, but I'm not 100% on that, needs more testing. 
  • This mod should be compatible with any mod that alters anything with pal hunger since it doesn't modify anything with the hunger variables.

The newest version of UE4SS (v3.0.0) no longer requires an injector for PalServer.exe to load it, meaning the installation process is mostly the same regardless of local or dedicated server
Installation (Windows):
  • Download the mod
  • Download the latest version of UE4SS
  • Extract the UE4SS folder contents into Pal/Binaries/Win64
  • Extract the mod into the /Mods folder extracted from UE4SS
  • If you wish you can edit the configs in TehHungryPalRescueMod/Scripts/config.lua
  • That's it!

Linux: As of now I don't know of any consistent solution beyond using Wine. I don't personally have a Linux server to test mods on, and as such I don't intend to cover how to install/if the mod is even compatible on Linux systems at the moment.

Known Issues:
  • ???

if you want to support me and my mods, feel free to buy me a coffee