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Sleeping will cure your pals of ANY of their diseases!

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Currently there is a bug where if we log off overnight, all of our Pals become depressed or break their legs because they dont(?) reach the food box.

This is a server-side only mod (recently has been soft confirmed that it may work on singleplayer as well) that runs a script that cures Pals of ALL of their ailments when they go to sleep (ie their sleep function triggers). It's nice because it's server-side and none of your clients need to install it.

Procedure: With the release of UE4SS 3.0, we no longer need PalServerInjector to activate UE4SS injection. Now you simply place the .dlls from UE4SS into PalServer\Pal\Binaries\Win64\. Then you extract SleepItOff_x.x so that it creates the following directory hierarchy: Mods\SleepItOff. Uncertain if you need to modify mods.txt due to Enabled.txt's existence. With UE4SS you may run into weird GUI issues, make sure you configure UE4SS-Settings.ini to confirm the injection works. For example, OpenGL did not work for me but d3d11 did. Similarly, the console and gui were disabled by default so I had to manually enable them.

NOTE: Some people are running into issues with 1.4. Please try 1.3 if you are running into issues with 1.4, and do not forget the config file that is in the 1.3 installation.

Old Procedure: You must use the PalServerInjector to activate UE4SS injection to your PalServer.exe. When the mods directory is generated, unzip this directory into mods so there is a folder structure similar to: PalServer\Pal\Binaries\Win64\Mods\SleepItOff . Then add SleepItOff to mods.txt in the Mods directory, and reboot the server or Reload the mods via UE4SS GUI. Due to the dependency on Windows UE4SS, this unfortunately only works on the Windows edition of the server

Disclaimer: PLEASE back up your server before you install this mod. I have no idea any future ramifications it may have, even if it is as simple as it is