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Cheat engine table to modify pal condenser's requirement.

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OBSOLETE - A better cheat table has been made here by the good folks at fearless revolution
You can still probably use this method if those tables end up being outdated.

Cheat engine table to modify pal condenser's requirement in singleplayer
Since I'm a cheat engine newbie, this table doesn't have scan script so you have to do a bit of legwork beforehand
This mod will probably stay up until someone figure out a prettier way.
Require UE4SS to dump object data. You should use the guide in the gameplay tweak mod to set it up.

How to use:
  • Open Palworld\Pal\Binaries\Win64\UE4SS-settings.ini and enable the GUI console
    ´╗┐GuiConsoleEnabled = 1
    GuiConsoleVisible = 1
  • Open the game with UE4SS GUI console enabled, stay on the game's main menu
  • In GUI console's Console tab, select dump objects & properties
  • Open the dump file Palworld\Pal\Binaries\Win64\UE4SS_ObjectDump.txt and search in notepad for BP_PalGameSetting_C /Engine/Transient.GameEngine
    The whole line should look similar to the snippet below. Note the address, mine is 000001CF82D2D180 example
    ´╗┐´╗┐[000001CF82D2D180] BP_PalGameSetting_C /Engine/Transient.GameEngine_2147482603:BP_PalGameInstance_C_2147482547.BP_PalGameSetting_C_2147482426 [n: 1BE770] [c: 000001A0115D1C80] [or: 000001A069C02E20]
  • Use the provided cheat table, and change the address of the first entry to the one found in step 3 The 4 values should populate the bp by default 4 16 32 64. Change those to whatever you want. This will even update in-game. See the mod's image for what it should look like
  • You can now start the game in singleplayer. The changes should apply unless another mod overwrites it. This mod has been tested to work with GameplayTweak at the time of writing