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Reduce or remove the Lifmunk Effigy cost at the Statue of Power

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This mod reduces the Lifmunk Effigy cost for enhancing player stats at the Statue of Power.

Mod demonstration

Installation - Singleplayer
  • Download the zip and extract it in Palworld\Pal\Content\Paks
I don't know the PAK installation process for you, but I know it exists, good luck! This video may help Modding Palworld | Game Pass Guide | Install, Config & Use Mods in Palworld Game Pass

Installation - Multiplayer

  • Download the zip and extract it in PalServer\Pal\Content\Paks

The mod needs to be installed on both the server and the client for it to work.

This mod will be incompatible with any other pak mod that modifies the same datatable

I've tested this for dedicated and single player, and, provided you follow the setup instructions above, it should work.

Presumably coop will be the same as single player, just make sure the mod is on both the host and anyone joining.

Finally, if you are experiencing a bug you believe is part of this mod please view the steps on Carry weight increase and make sure to include the information under the 'Bugs' heading.