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Let your pals use hot spring more actively and back to work once they recover to full sanity.

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In vanilla game, the game will check sanity of every working pals every 90 seconds, and randomly send pals with less than 85 sanity to have a 90-second-rest at a chance of 50%. This result in some pals keep working for hours without any resting, while others take a rest every 3 minutes, spending 20 seconds to recover to full sanity and wasting another 70 seconds sitting there doing nothing.

This mod let the game check sanity every 30 seconds and send them to a 30-second-rest at a chance of 100% instead. This will ensure no one will overwork and no one will overrest.

It turns out that the game will actually send pals back to work when their sanity is at a certain value over the 85 threshold, but this value is set to 20, where 85+20=105>100 making it impossible to trigger.
This mod change the chance to 100% and the threshold to 15, so all pals with lower than 85 sanity will go have a rest when the game checks, and they will right back to work when they recover to full sanity.