Mod Installation Steps

  • Install UE4SS_Xinput_v2.5.2 , It's better to use the full version.[安装的ue4ss最好是ue4ss官方的github库中下载的,在其他地方下载的有可能不是完整的,导致mod无法正常加载]
  • extracting the zip content to  /Palworld/Pal/Binaries/Win64/
  • open mods.txt flie  from Mods folder .
  • Change BPModLoaderMod : 0 to BPModLoaderMod : 1[必须得改,不然不生效]
  • go to your game dir /pal/Content/Paks folder, then make a folder named 'LogicMods'[有这个文件夹就无视这步]
  • download Mod file , then extracting the zip content to  LogicMods[路径别搞错了,logicmods文件夹进去就是mod的 pak文件,上一级是Paks文件夹]
  • open the game , After entering the game, If you see that the inventory has changed(else if  has not changed ,you can  use Numpad 9 to change )[进入游戏后 打开背包看到格子数量发生变化后就退到开始菜单并重新进入游戏,没有生效的按下数字键盘9,手动让它生效]
  • then return to the main menu and re-enter the game, If this step is not performed, the added inventory slots will not working
  • you can remove the mod after installed, because it will inventory data save to SaveGame file. If you do not accept such things, please do not install this Mod.[安装完生效后,你可以删除此mod,被修改的背包数据会保存到存档,如果介意的话,请别装.]

the mod working in offline.

Known Issues
  • Would make the inventory`s UI look a bit strange, i can`t modify UserWidget,so for the time being, it cannot be resolved.[会改变背包的UI布局,暂时找不到解决的办法]
  • changed inventory slot, open inventory incurs a 0.5 to 1 second delay.(I don't know why it is like this,The program logic I wrote only executes when the inventory slot cells are in their default state,)[打开背包会卡那么0.5-1秒,不知道为啥,可能是Ui的锅-0-,现阶段改不了游戏默认的控件,可能以后官方开放了MOD功能或许能解决]

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