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About this mod

This mod will change the appearence of the biker boss, the prisoners, the guards and several other vanilla textures to custom textures of the Stay in Shadow series.

Permissions and credits

This mod is a texture pack for my Stay in Shadow series on the Paint the Town Red Steam Workshop.
It will change the appearence of several enemies (listed below) but it won't change all the textures in the game.

Texture changes:
- Biker boss is now a secret agent that wears a night-vision device.
- Prisoners are now scientists/engineers.
- Police guards are now Super Evil Co. guards.
- The pimp and several other disco dudes are now robots.
- Katana boss has a more evil looking face.
- The smileys of the friendly and danger icons had been changed to make
  them more fitting to the series.
- New textures for some props including the katana.

1. Download the mod.
2. Open Texture-Pack_Stay-in-Shadow.rar with winrar or any other unpacking programm.
3. Copy the Texture Pack - Stay in Shadow.exe file into your PaintTheTownRed_Data folder.
    This should be located in your Steam\steamapps\common\Paint the Town Red\PaintTheTownRed_Data Directory.
4. Make a backup of the file sharedassets0.
5. Run the installer. Make sure that the install path of the texture pack is in the same folder where the sharedassets0 file is located.
    This file will be overwritten by the installer to change the textures.
6. Once the installer is finished and the installation was successfull you can close it.
7. Run the Game and have fun!

1. Delete the modded sharedassets0 file.
2. Restore your backup file.
1. Delete the modded sharedassets0 file.
2. Rename sharedassets0.assets.bak0000 to sharedassets0

IMPORTANT: If you want to install any other texture pack, be sure to uninstall this one properly to prevent any unwanted texture mixes.

Programms used:
Unity Asset Bundle Extractor (by DerPopo)
License - (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

Special thanks to:
- Eternic and Shaxe
- Kersher
- Fleasy
- The Paint the Town Red Discord Network