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Network latency checker and communication blocker between you and any selected Overwatch server.

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Overwatch Server Pinger / Blocker

This tool will send little data packets to any selected Overwatch server 
to check the time it takes for it to communicate with you.
You can use it to check an ESTIMATED in-game latency before entering the 
game, so you'll know what your ping will be like if you decide to play.
You can also block a region from your matchmaking pool, for example if you only 
wish to play on US servers then you might want to block Brazilian, Australian and 
Singaporean servers.

Note that this is an estimation, your actual in-game latency might be a 
little bit higher, since there will be other players with you.

As of now, I only added 5 servers to ping: 
[0] Americas, United States (California_1)
[1] Americas, United States (California_2)
[2] Europe, France (Paris_1)
[3] Europe, France (Paris_2)
[4] Asia, Korea (Seoul)

These are the only servers that successfully responded to my data packets.
More servers may be added in future updates, but first I need to find 
ping-able servers from other regions.
(Not all Overwatch servers are ping-able, most of the matchmaking servers 
do not respond to data packets sent, so it's a bit difficult to find them.)

To block a region from the matchmaking pool, press the "Blocker" button, 
and once the dialog show you can selct a region to block it by pressing 
the "Block" button. You can unblock a region that you previously blocked 
via this tool by selecting the region and pressing the "Unblock" button. 

The server blocker requires Windows Firewall to function, otherwise it won't 

The following regions can be blocked: 
[FRANCE] (Europe)
[KOREA] (Asia)
[BRAZIL] (Americas, South american region)
[OCEANIC REGION] (Americas, Australia and Singapore)

You cannot block US servers because Overwatch needs to connect to them to
authenticate your account.

The first time you run the server blocker it will prompt you to locate 
Overwatch's executable file, so make sure to point to your Overwatch.exe 
when the file open dialog pops up. 


Some things you might be wondering:

* Q: It doesn't work / Some features don't work. Why?
* A: In *SOME* systems, Windows UAC might block file access to this tool, 
and it won't work properly. You can solve this issue by white-listing it 
in your anti-virus and Firewall, and running it as an Administrator.

* Q: Why should I trust this tool? It might be a virus...
* A: Please, feel free to scan it with any anti-virus software.