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Enable fast travel using Soroborean Caravanners.

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This mod adds a new service from the Soroborean Caravanners : fast traveling!
Important: to owners of the Soroboreans DLC, there's an alternative version available: HERE

How it works
In each main city (Cierzo, Monsoon, Berg and Levant), the Soroborean Caravanner (located near the entrance) will eventually propose to travel with you to other cities. During the travel, ingame time will pass the same way than if you were travelling by feet (let's say you travel from Cierzo to Levant, you'll arrive 7 days later).
This service is also available from the Caravanner in the wild.

Requirements to fast travel
  • The main requirement is that you must already have visited the city in which you want to go. Since the game doesn't track the cities the player already know, the mod checks the player's faction and house to assume he/she already know some cities (if for example the player is a member of the Blue Chamber, the mod will assume Berg can already be a destination). Other way is simply to enter a city and the mod will unlock the fast travel.
  • Second requirement is the fee requested by the caravanner. Not everyone can afford such service!
  • The last requirement is to be well prepared for the trip: you must have a sufficient amount of travel rations (same amount than required for travelling between regions on feet).

  • Reduce prices in Levant when the quest "Blood in the sun" is complete.
  • Random chance of being attacked by bandits during fast travel?


  • If you haven't already, download and install BepInEx (note that Partiality Wrapper is not needed): instructions here
  • Unzip this mod in your Outward folder
  • Done! Now play Outward