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Adds a configurable number of new quickslots with independent customizable bindings. Also adds bindings for two hidden emotes.

Permissions and credits
Important notice for those using Partiality:

Delete Partiality, reinstall the game (or Steam Verify). BepInEx does not patch the files like Partiality does, and will solve many of the installation problems people were running into. But to ensure it works, it needs a fresh untouched game.

Extended Quickslots

Partiality mod for Outward that adds 8 new quickslots with custom bindings.
Uses BepInEx and Harmony.

Huge thanks to stimmedcow for his quickslot creation code, which this mod would not be possible without. A number of changes were necessary to turn it into a mod, but much of the research and code is his. Thanks to Kongenav for working with me on making his keybinding template compatible with this.

Source code available on Github, and is also in the files section here.

The mod will not function unless you follow these instructions exactly.

This mod now requires BepInEx to function. It will replace Partiality. I have created a plugin that allows BepInEx to load Partiality mods, so you can continue to use other authors' Partiality mods and this one together. BepInEx v5.0 is still under development as of now, but is close to release. It is required to load mods for Outward.

1) Go to https://builds.bepis.io/bepinex_be and download the latest build whose name starts with BepInEx_Legacy_x64. Click on view artifacts to see builds.
1) Latest build doesn't work, so in the meantime until I figure out why, use the build from the files tab.
2) Extract the zip archive to the Outward installation directory.

3) Extract the mod zip archive from the files section to the root Outward install directory, which also contains Outward.exe for reference.
4) Configure your desired amount of EXTRA quickslots in Outward\BepInEx\config\com.Ashnal.Outward.ExtendedQuickslots.cfg
5) Run the game and enjoy!


Recent compatibility issues with other mods that add keybindings have been solved as of 1.2.0, so mods like "Enable Sitting" and "Hide Helmet" are compatible now.


Feel free to leave a comment here or drop by the official Discord for further assistance.