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Customize enemy power & difficulty in coop and single player. NEW: Full customization!

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IMPORTANT! This mod was previously called Custom Enemy Difficulty. If you have the previous version called Custom Enemy Difficulty, you must untick Custom Enemy Difficulty in Partiality Launcher.

This mod lets you customize enemy power & difficulty.

In Outward enemies become stronger when there is more than one human player in the game. Nine Dots Studio have selected a few stats that are boosted on enemies to balance combat in multiplayer. The default boost to enemies when there are two players look like this:

  • Max Health +50%
  • Impact Resistance +20 points
  • Impact +75%
  • All Damages +15%

With Tougher Enemies you can completely customize how many & which stats are boosted on enemies and by how much—for any number of players, including single player.

The numbers are in TougherEnemiesTemplate.xml, which you must put in the Mods folder along with the .dll, as usual. TougherEnemiesTemplate.xml also has a list of all stat names that you can choose from.

Two templates are included:

  • TougherEnemiesTemplate.xml
  • TougherEnemiesTemplate_Tougher.xml

The first one is the default coop scaling, like Nine Dots Studio made it. It does not make enemies stronger in single player.

The second one is like the default coop scaling except enemies are scaled as if there was one extra player in the game. So, when you play alone, enemies are scaled to two players, or, if you are two players, then enemies are scaled to three players, etc.

To use the second template, you must rename it to TougherEnemiesTemplate.xml.

You can edit TougherEnemiesTemplate.xml to your liking. It's very simple. If there are more players than there are levels of stat scaling, the highest available stat scaling is chosen. Next version will interpolate higher stat scaling levels.


This mod was previously called Custom Enemy Difficulty.

Special thanks to Robophill who worked in parallel with me on the initial version.

Also be sure to check out the excellent Configurable Custom Difficulty mod by sewag. Tougher Enemies & Configurable Custom Difficulty differ in that Tougher Enemies alters enemy stats in stages while Configurable Custom Difficulty alters player base stats.

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Using Partiality Launcher

To install and activate this mod in Outward you must use Partiality Launcher.

  1. Download Partiality Launcher
  2. Unzip PartialityLauncher.zip & open PartialityLauncher.bat
  3. In Partiality Launcher click File, Open Game & find Outward.exe (normally C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Outward)
  4. Now you have a new folder called Mods where Outward.exe is
  5. (Optional) If the "APPID of the game" is empty, put 794260 (Outward's Steam AppID)
  6. Unzip TougherEnemies.zip & put TougherEnemies.dll + TougherEnemiesTemplate.xml in the Mods folder
  7. In Partiality Launcher click Refresh Mod List
  8. Tick TougherEnemies.dll
  9. Click Apply Mods
  10. Done! Now play Outward

You will not have to reuse Partiality Launcher except when you add more mods to the Mods folder, but if you experience weird issues, you can use Partiality Launcher to "Refresh Mod List", "Clear Mod Metadata" & "Apply Mods".