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The ascended adds 2 new skill trees that expand on outward guns, souls & mana mechanics. Providing new gameplay styles, builds and challenges. Expanding on existing lore and stories, the ascended blend perfectly with outwards exploration focused gameplay.

Permissions and credits
All my mods will now only be uploaded/updated to thunderstore.

[Not Compatible with "Soul Stone" mod by TheLich]


2 new skill trees with a lot of new build options. New npcs, new lore, new exploration to be uncovered.
Critical hits, mana shields, blink-teleport, arcane shots, and a lot more.

HOW TO UNLOCK!!!!-------------------

Someone at the Cierzo Inn or Berg Inn might know...

------The Spellslinger:--------

1. Lucky Strike: All attacks now have a chance to critically hit and deal bonus damage! But you are now able to be critically hit by enemies aswell.

2. Quick-Draw: Gun shots deal less damage but now reload automatically and deal pure magical damage. 

3. Spellbound: Mark a target, which will explode for area debuffs if shot with a pistol.

4. Bolt Rush: Replace dodge with a faster, short-distance teleport that uses mana instead.

5. True Shots: Critical gun shots deal full damage, or having a Chakram equipped increases critical strike chance further

6. Fire Within: Critical hits dealt grant you a stack of "Inner Fire" which increases critical hit chance further. Stacks up to 3 times.

7A. Clarity: Upon reaching 3 stacks of "Inner Fire", gain free mana costs for 5s.
7B. Critical Thinking: Critical hits bonus damage is increased and damage against enemies at max health will always crit!


------The Soul-Mage:--------

1. Equilibrium: All stamina costs are split between stamina and mana.

2. Transfusion: Increase mana costs, but half of all damage taken is reduced from mana instead, for an extra amount.

3. Soul-Shatter: Blast a target for  20 unblockable dmg. Deals 500% extra damage if target is below 30% HP, and half of that as area damage.


4. Soul-Keeper: Soul-Shatter revealed souls to capture them into Soul-Shards. Soul-Shards are required by some spells or can be eaten to grant powerful effects to soul related spells.

5A. Drain-Soul: Tap into an enemy soul to drain mana from them and give it to you, over 20 seconds. Requieres 1 Soul Shard.
5B. Soul-Storm: Cause a soul storm around you, draining mana from every enemy nearby, every second for 10s. Requieres 1 Soul Shard.

6. Soul-Shape: Become unstoppable! Increasing damage dealt by 0.2% per current mana, and reduce damage received by 0.2% per missing mana. Requieres 2 Soul Shards.

7A. Soul-Bound: All damage taken is now dealt to mana instead, for a (smaller) extra amount. And automatically trading all health and stamina above 30 into max mana.
7B. Soul-Tap: Dealing physical damage grants mana equal to the damage dealt, but mana is rapidly drained over time.

------------CHANGELOG-------------- (unlisted are bugfixes)

v2.0 Small Soul-Mage redesign + Added skill sigils + Added gossip NPCs.
v1.4 QuickDraw shots scale from its respective magic type, and fixed many incompatibility bugs. It should now work with everything.
v1.3 Definitive Edition Update
v1.0 Launch of theAscended!