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Experience Outward as a true punishing yet rewarding experience. Improved AI, deadlier scenarios, no more cheesing fights and even unique hardcore perks. Be rewarded for preparing properly, as permadeath is now completely avoidable with some special trinkets. Experience outward as it should be: SCARY but fair.

Permissions and credits
(Requieres BepInEx and latest SideLoader (3.5.5+) as of october-29-2021) NOT COMPATIBLE with "Increased Aggro Range" or "AI Detection Overhaul"

True hardcore brings some changes to make Hardcore mode completely viable for all playthroughs as preparing correctly will guarante you will never loose your save file, but at the same time make it deadlier, more real and interesting.

WHAT EXACTLY IS DIFFERENT?-------------------------------
(All the changes only apply if playing in hardcore mode)

-Enemies will no longer be blind and will spot you from further away and have better hearing. Killing an entire bandit camp one by one is no longer possible without proper stealth.

-General Merchants and Caravans sell Trinkets of Elatt, which protect players from permadeath as long as at least one player has 1 IN ITS POCKET (important, not bag, but pocket).

-All enemies have a small chance to drop Beeds of Elatt. Four of these can be crafted into a Trinket of Elatt.

-No longer can you cheese fights by running forever or coming back days later, as enemies now start regenerating HP if they are not hit directly within 14 seconds.

-No longer regenerate stability when blocking, so block efficiently.

-Enemies will fight each other more often, leading to some chaotic scenarios.

-Enemies fighting each other no longer ignore players. They may switch targets at any time.

-Dying damages your armor a lot more, and if it breaks, it can ONLY be repaired by a blacksmith.

-Bandits are now proper bandits. Dying by their hand will take most (if not all) of your money. Why would they take 30 gold and leave 2000 on you?

MY OTHER MODs -----------------------------
-Mad Whisperer (Void based new class, with a ton of customization and its own questline!)
-Trainers of Aurai (Multiple new trainers with gameplay tweaking skills)

FUTURE MODs (Work in Progress)-----------------------------
-Soul-Mage & The Spellslinger (2 new trainers with very fun playstyle)(Coming Soon!)
-Alternate Start (early design)

1. Install via thunderstore or r2modman (https://thunderstore.io/package/ebkr/r2modman/)

MANUAL INSTALATION -------------------
1. Download the zip file
2. Place it in your Outward folder (ex: D:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/Outward)
3. Right-click and "Extract Here"
4. Start a new game in Hardcore mode :)

SPECIAL THANKS --------------------------
Sinai for the amazing sideloader and being a great friend
Kek for always helping fixing my silly code
ehaugw for all his support and teachings
and all of the Outward Modding Community discord :D

Q: Do all players need this mod?
-Yes. All online players need this mod installed.

Q: Could it somehow delete my file?
-Not as long as you have a Trinket of Elatt in your POCKET, not your bag.

Q: What happens if I die without a Trinket of Elatt?
-Random scenario as vanilla game, Trinket only makes it so theres 0% chance you get the permadeath scenario.

Q: This is too hard! I hate you!
-Prepare better next time. I love you tho.

Q: Will you add more stuff to this mod?
-I still want to implement other stuff, but I don't have a date yet.