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Experience a new Unique Skill Tree and its own questline. Obtain new skills and unlock upgrades to make them stronger and fit your playstyle. The whispers provide you with the more versatile class ever!
Mad whisperer compliments all kind of builds, because of its upgrade system and its special spell resource: Insanity.

Permissions and credits
All my mods will now only be uploaded/updated to thunderstore.

(REQUIERES: BepInEx and SideLoader v3.7 or higher. As of 22 May 2022)
The Mad Whisperer is a void/ethereal focused class, where not only do you buy skills but also upgrade them further by completing small tasks for the dark voices to customize your playstyle in its own mini questline.

The core of the class revolves around generating and spending special resources, bargaining with your own life and decide when to spend your charges appropriately.

---------------- QUESTLINE AND SKILL TREE UNLOCK ----------------
Visit the Cierzo storage to start your journey by picking up the Whispering Skull and the clue to the first trainer.
 (NEVER DISPOSE OF THE WHISPERING SKULL, as it allows you to see and interact with trainers)

The Main Skill Tree consists of:

1. Pathway to Insanity: Passively generate Insanity every 20 seconds, which delays 10% of all damage taken over 15 seconds per Stack.

2. Purify: Reduce currently delayed damage by 40% at the cost of 1 Insanity.

3. Whispers of Madness: Dealing damage grants you a stack of Madness, which increases damage dealt by 2.5% and damage taken by 5%.
High Risk/High Reward

A. Pact of Destruction: Can now hold 2 charges of Insanity, and Insanity also increases attack speed.

B. Pact of Affliction: Can hold 3 charges of Insanity and delaying damage is now passive, not affected by charges.

4. Suppress Pain: Delay 30% more damage for a few seconds. Allowing you to play aggressively if managed correctly.

5. Eye of Servitude: Serve the whispers to unlock trainers around the world, for 9 new upgrade choices and other rewards.***

***After obtaining Eye of Servitude, you will be able to pick the clues to the next trainers. The skull will also give you hints.

---------------- UPGRADES --------------------
 (Will avoid spoiling, but if you want you can check all the upgrades in Forum section)

(RECOMENDED: Install with r2modman instead)

----------------MANUAL INSTALLATION------------------
0. Install BepInEx & SideLoader.
1. Download the main file.
2. Place the Zip file in your Outward folder (Probably: Program Files/steam/Steam/steamapps/common/Outward)
3. Right click the zip and select "Extract Here". The files should merge successfully.
 (IF USING THE ALTERNATE ICONS FILE: Install the main one first, then do the same with the secondary folder and let files overwrite)

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-----------------SPECIAL THANKS----------------------
Ehaugw for all your help, guidance and support. You are awesome <3
Saint for helping me test and being a great friend.
Sinai for all you've done for the modding community and for SideLoader. Thank you so much!
Kekasi for answering all my silly questions and making this mod possible.
SpicerXD for also enduring my noob questions.
And all the Outward Modding Community, thank you all!

v1.0 - Launch of the Mad Whisperer
v1.1 - Small Bugfixes
v1.2 - Fixed naked ghosts bug
v1.3 - Fixed dmg scaling for sideloader 3.4.7
v.14 - Updated for new SL and lots of bugfixes
v1.5 - Definite Edition Update
v1.5.1 - TheAscended compatibility fix
v1.6 - Balancing Tweaks