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All new balanced trainers v3.0: (new)Grand Apothecary class. (new)Charged heavy attacks. Dodge attack canceling. Drink while moving. RP perks. And more.

Permissions and credits
All my mods will now only be uploaded/updated to thunderstore.

4 original Classes: Spellslinger + Soul-Mage + Mad Whisperer + Apothecaries. Plus SelfDefence with universal perks like Drink on the move, charged heavy attacks, dodge cancelling. Also Unique new quests and lore!

(new) v4.2: Spellslinger 2.0 redesign

Trainers ----------------------------


-Mad Whisperer 2.0: Master the ethereal void magics and Start a quest that takes you all over aurai to further empower your whisperer abilities. 
With 14 different upgrade options, you can customize your Whisperer to your playstyle. [Requieres a second breakthrough to unlock upgrades, but trust me: they are worth it]

-Spellslinger: Magic and guns, merged into a very fast paced skill tree with teleports, instant reload guns, critical hit chance, and more.

-Soul-Mage: Discover how to trap souls, drain mana, and build an unstopable shield of magic. With new options perfect for Battle Mages.

-Grand Apothecary: Collect unique recipees to craft powerfull elixirs, tonics and flasks that can be shared with allies. Each city has their own regional recipees.

-Self Defence: Small tree for everyone with options like Charging attacks by holding the button, dodge cancelling and drink while moving.

+1. Pathway to Insanity: Generate Insanity every 20s, which passively makes 10% of all direct damage to be taken over 15s instead.

+2. Purify: Reduce currently delayed damage by 40%. Costs 1 Insanity.

+3. Whispers of Madness: Dealing damage grants you a stack of Madness (up to 10), which increases damage dealt by 2.5% and damage taken by 5%. Lasts 10s but can be refreshed.

+4A. Pact of Destruction: Each stack of insanity grants 10% attack speed but reduces impact dealt by 15% and can now stack up to 2.
+4B. Pact of Affliction: Insanity can stack up to 3 times and its effects are baseline (Not affected by stacks).

+5. Suppress Pain: Delay 30% more damage for 5 seconds. Costs 1 Insanity.

--Breakthrough 2-- (Unlocks 5 trainers with 2 strong upgrades or new skills each. Plus 2 extra hidden upgrades)
+6. Eye of Servitude: Serve the whispers to unlock the quest to find upgrade trainers around the world.

[Unlocks will be kept a secret, but if you wanna know, they will be in the nexus page forum]


+1. Lucky Strike: All attacks now have a chance to critically hit and deal bonus damage! But you are now able to be critically hit by enemies aswell.

+2. Quick-Draw: Pistols reload automatically and deal pure elemental damage. But cost mana.

+3. Spellbound: Mark a target, which will explode for area debuffs if shot with a pistol.

+4. Fire Within: Critical hits dealt grant you a stack of "Inner Fire" which increases critical hit chance further. Stacks up to 3 times.

+5A. Leyline Bullets: Reduces Quick-Draw mana cost and critical gun shots consume no bullets.

+5B. Bolt Draw: Starting a normal attack immediately after damaging your target with Quick Draw, teleports you behind the enemy.

+6. Bolt Rush: Replace dodge with a faster, short-distance teleport that uses mana instead.

+7A. Clarity: Dealing a critical hit with 3 stacks of "Inner Fire", grants free mana costs and bolt rushes for 5s.



+1. Equilibrium: All stamina costs are split between stamina and mana.

+2. Transfusion: Increase mana costs, but half of all damage taken is reduced from mana instead, for an extra amount.

+3. Soul-Shatter: Blast a target for  20 unblockable dmg. Deals 500% extra damage if target is below 30% HP, and half of that as area damage.

+4. Soul-Keeper: Soul-Shatter revealed souls to capture them into Soul-Shards. Soul-Shards are required by some spells or can be eaten to grant powerful effects to soul related spells.

+5A. Drain-Soul: Tap into an enemy soul to drain mana from them and give it to you, over 20 seconds. Requieres 1 Soul Shard.

+5B. Soul-Storm: Cause a soul storm around you, draining mana from every enemy nearby, every second for 10s. Requieres 1 Soul Shard.

+6. Soul-Shape: Become unstoppable! Increasing damage dealt by 0.2% per current mana, and reduce damage received by 0.2% per missing mana. Requieres 2 Soul Shards.

+7A. Soul-Bound: All damage taken is now dealt to mana instead, for a (smaller) extra amount. And automatically trading all health and stamina above 30 into max mana.

+7B. Soul-Tap: Dealing physical damage grants mana equal to the damage dealt, but mana is rapidly drained over time.


----- SKILL TREE: GRAND APOTHECARY (Regional) ----- (Berg & Monsoon are still WIP)

New apothecaries have arrived to cities, each with unique craftable potions.

-Craft: Tonic of Nature: Increase movement speed and pouch size temporarily, after gathering edibles.

-Rushed Recovery: Allows you to drink while moving, but take triple impact while doing so.

-Sharing is caring: Drinking a potion grants half of its regenerative effects to allies. If alone, gain bonus effects over a few seconds.

-Craft: Tonic of the Leech King: Regenerate hp per second after killing an enemy.

-Craft: Flask-A-Pot: Instant-use flask that restores the user lowest-percentage resource

-Craft: Flask of Timeless Wisdom : Your next skill used has a 90% shorter cooldown.

-Master Touch : When crafting any oil, flask, tonic or potion, theres a chance you will get an extra one for free.

-Experienced Drinker: Drink flasks in half the time.

-Craft: Tonic of Resilience: Temporarily increases max health.

-Craft: Oil of Scattering: Weapon-Imbues damage is also spread to all enemies near your target.

-Craft: Oil of Piercing: Your physical melee attacks bypass armor completely.

-Craft: Flask of Titans: Doubles impact dealt by abilities.

-Craft: Oil of Bursting: Successful weapon hits have a chance to grant you greatly increased attack speed briefly.



Q: Why merge all your class mods?
A: To better allow me to make quests, npcs and compatibility in general. Plus its easier to update this way.
v4.2 - Spellslinger 2.0
v4.1.1 - Fixed Monsoon gossip dialogue
v4.1 - New Spellslinger alternative to True Shot, called Bolt Draw.
v4.0 - Mods Merge, new Mad Whisperer 2.0, new questline, new gossip npcs, and tweaks.
v3.2.0 - Added Shady Trainers to every city. Removed PastSelf, and moved functionality to AlternateStart Mod
v3.0 - Added "Apothecary" skill trees and charged heavy attacks to shady trainers.

SPECIAL CREDITS ----------------------------- 
Thank to Emo for helping me with the effects and a lot of code.
Special thanks to Sinai for everything <3
Thanks to ehaugw for getting me into modding.
And Thanks to the entire Outward Modding Community Discord for all their help, feedback and support.