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Raid Mode is a drop-in BepInEx mod that simplifies playing Outward with more than merely one of your friends. It allows you to play with a whole party of people! It scales up the difficulty automatically as people join and fixes some bugs and nuances that playing with a modded player count limit used to have. And it even allows split-screen online!

Permissions and credits
[Raid Mode is a replacement for Custom Multiplayer Limit with more advanced features and additional bugfixes. So you don't need to and shouldn't install it alongside this mod.]

Some specifics on what exactly the mod does:

  • Let's you play with up to 16 people. (I really don't recommend that many though.)
  • There's currently a bug with extra players joining beyond the vanilla limit. Extra players will appear to be naked to any other players that already joined and any items they drop won't show up for the them either. But simply go through a loading screen and it will be fixed.

  • Has dynamic difficulty scaling based on the size of your adventuring party! It's a bit complicated. But it effectively tries to make it so larger parties are always equivalent to what a 2 player party could do.
  • This mechanism doesn't use the stat system though. So if you're using Combat HUD, you won't see the scaling.
  • If you want an even harder or easier experience, you can use Combat and Dodge Overhaul alongside this mod. Just be aware that the scaling from Raid Mode will be multiplicative with any enemy scaling you set in Overhaul.

  • The health burn penalty after being revived in co-op is increased at higher party sizes. And a stamina burn penalty is added as well when in large adventuring parties.

  • Increases how far apart players can sleep together when playing with a large adventuring party so that inns are more usable.

  • Fixes various bugs that would occur when playing with more than 2 players.

  • Allows you to use split-screen in multiplayer! Though there is some caveats to it. If you run into any trouble, like a split-screen player being invisible to others, just go through a loading screen and it'll be fixed.

To install the mod, download the .zip file and copy the 'RaidMode.dll' file inside of it. Then paste it into your BepInEx plugins folder. Which is here: Outward > BepInEx > plugins.

And here's a list of other mods I've seen people use alongside Raid Mode to further tweak the experience of playing with many friends.

Anyways! Best of luck adventuring! And if you encounter any bugs, please submit them and list any other mods you may have.